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The Silent Criminal 雙夭記 Episode 4 Recap

General Pei Zhang goes to jail. In the evening, Long Yao brought a letter from Shi Jingyao’s father to Shi Jingyao’s home, but was followed by Rong’s four enemies. Long Yao could not resist the time. Shi Jingyao rescued him by righteousness, and Long Yao handed the letter to Shi Jingyao. In the hands, Shi Jingyao and Long Yao reached a consensus after thinking for a while and went to Storm Town together. The next day, everyone involved in Li Yu’s case was there. Long Yao and Shi Jingyao cooperated with Wang Su to kill Li. Yu’s process was clearly deduced, and General Pei Zhang was unable to refute his imprisonment. The emperor came to the Tianjao to meet him. General Pei Zhang accidentally discovered that the emperor was Jinyi Wei Longyao.

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