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The Silent Criminal 雙夭記 Episode 3 Recap

In the ghost market, the noisy crowd was suddenly attracted by a man in black. The man in black was actually auctioning Da Yin Tuya. Long Yao got the object because of the highest bid. Then Da Yin Tuya accidentally fell into the crowd, and finally black clothes The man took Dayin Tuya and led a group of people to leave the ghost city, but the man in black was actually the prefect Liu. Liu prefect took them back to the mansion. Li Huangwu and Ma Zuo found the body of their subordinate Amon at the prefect Liu , So they stole Dayin Tuya and went to Peizhang General’s Mansion to take revenge. When they were almost killed, Longyao and Shi Jingyao rushed to rescue them. At this time, Shi Jingyao heard her mother’s cry and Shi Jingyao tried to save her. The evidence was handed over to General Pei Zhang.

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