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The Silent Criminal 雙夭記 Episode 2 Recap

Long Yao flogged Shi Jingyao and asked him to surrender the evidence. Shi Jingyao refused. Long Yao investigated and found that Shi Jingyao was Jin Yiwei’s son, so he let him go. The next day Long Yao found Shi Jingyao and wanted to go to General Peizhang’s house with him to receive the reward. When he went to the General Mansion to receive the reward, he found that he was caught in the trap of General Pei Zhang. Long Yao took Shi Jingyao and escaped from the General Mansion. General Pei Zhang framed the loss of Dayin Tuya to them, and the two became the thief of Dayin Tuya. The wanted. In desperation, Long Yao asked Liu Zhifu about the evidence. Liu Zhifu told and directed Long Yao to go to the ghost market to find Dayin Tuya in order to clear his identity as a thief, and pull him to General Peizhang.

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