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The Silent Criminal 雙夭記 Episode 13 End Recap

Long Yao, Shi Jingyao, Li Huangwu and Feng Bao were in a life and death duel. To save Shi Jingyao, Li Huangwu was wiped out in smoke. At the entrance of Bai Na Su, Long Yao told Feng Bao Zhang Kuangzheng’s real cause of death. Feng Bao regretted not that time, but General Peizhang started. The conspiracy killed Zhao Shanhe and ordered the shooting of Long Yao and Shi Jingyao. In order to protect the two of Feng Baohe’s tragic sacrifices as a physical shield, Shi Jingyao and Long Yao desperately killed General Peizhang, and Long Yao unfortunately sacrificed Chaoge to save Longyao. A few months later, Shi Jingyao took his mother to their big house. Shi Jingyao went over the wall in the middle of the night and went to the palace to find Long Yao and told him to help take care of Long Yao’s people in the world.

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