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The Silent Criminal 雙夭記 Episode 11 Recap

Long Yao and Chao Ge found Li Huangwu. Li Huangwu was shocked and pleasantly surprised when he saw that Long Yao was still alive. At the same time, Shi Jingyao also found Li Huangwu and told her that something big was going to happen in Fengbo Town. Shi Jingyao saw Long Yao again, but unexpectedly. The two met each other and became enemies. Li Huangwu insisted on protecting the people of Fengbo Town and refused to evacuate, and Shi Jingyao discussed with her the countermeasures to protect Fengbo Town. In the evening, Li Huangwu and Shi Jingyao came to the inn where the emperor’s stand-in would come. They pretended to be a couple in order to hide their eyes and ears. The inn was full of robbers and horse bandits.

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