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The Silent Criminal 雙夭記 Episode 10 Recap

At that time, after Shi Jingyao gave Dayin Tuya to Feng Bao, Long Yao used Chaoge as a hostage to threaten Feng Bao to surrender Dayin Tuya. Unexpectedly, Feng Bao didn’t care about Chaoge’s life and death, so Long Yao was helpless. Chaoge jumped down the valley together, Chaoge saw that Long Yao’s life was dying, and he used his own blood to save Long Yao. Feng Bao asked to see the emperor. Zhao Shanhe wanted to use the emperor’s avatar to hold the Taibai sword instead of the emperor to see Feng Bao, but Long Yao insisted on seeing Feng Bao himself. Chen Yizhuo pleaded guilty for embezzling military food evidence and was convicted by Zhao Shanhe. Zhao Shanhe made General Peizhang the leader of Daning Command and secretly mobilized Daning Command to protect the emperor.

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