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The Silent Criminal 雙夭記 Episode 1 Recap

According to legend, Dayin Tuya is the world’s number one weapon. Countless people have followed suit for it. It is rumored that the last time I saw Dayin Tuya was at General Peizhang’s mansion. Two uninvited guests, Long Yao and Li Yu, rushed to General’s Mansion this night. Came to contend with the culprits. After killing the culprit, Li Yu accidentally discovered that the box containing Dayin Tuya was empty, and wanted to take the opportunity to blackmail General Pei Zhangzhang, but found Li Yu’s body in Hunting Garden the next day. After Shi Jingyao’s investigation, the evidence pointed to General Pei Zhang’s son Wang Su. General Peizhang wanted to buy Shi Jingyao to get his son out of sin, but was disrupted by Long Yao who hurried over.

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