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The Devil’s Punisher 天巡者 Episode 10 Recap

Xinyu speculated that Wu Qingyuan went crazy because Wu Yuhan was abandoned. Wu Qingyuan wanted to find that person and was killed. So he wanted to find Wei Yunhan for revenge before going to the underworld, but he was stopped by Zhong Kui, so he wanted to become a ghost and plan the underworld. The bombing, but his hostility will not be so heavy. Zhong Kui speculated that Wu Qingyuan’s grievances were serious and he would not know the spell and method of destroying Naihe Bridge.

He did not seek revenge on the boy when he returned to the world, and he could not be found in the world. Not only did Wu Qingyuan kidnapped Po Meng, he would not be right when he arrived Po Meng poses a threat and erases Po Meng’s memory. It seems that Wu Qingyuan is like a ghost who has gone to the Asura Hell to practice. However, it is not yet known what Wu Qingyuan’s real purpose is, and he has to wait for him to show up.

After Meng Xinyu went home, Li Enxi asked why he didn’t like Lu Boya and wanted to find him. Li Enxi could not accept Meng Xinyu’s inconsistent expression and left. As soon as Li Enxi walked out, he met Ouyang Kai waiting for her with flowers at the door. Li Enxi accepted his flowers and went with him to a place where he could feel better and watch the night scene on the mountain.

King Qin Guang went to Zhong Kui and Lord Cheng Huang to talk about those unjust dead souls who had videos before they died, but I don’t know who made them. So a few people need to check that Wu Qingyuan was born when the yang energy was heaviest, and the principle that the extremes of things must be reversed, that is, he belongs to the most Yin. King Qin Guang checked that there were three people who were born on a cloudy year and a cloudy day. Zhong Kui speculated that Wu Qingyuan knew the time of the three deaths, and then called them to death, adding three grievances. King Qin Guang asked Zhong Kui to quickly arrest Wu Qingyuan.

Lu Boya sat in front of the computer to check the file and found a video. Just when the soul was about to rush out of the computer, Lu Boya was suspended and stopped. However, some netizens were scared to death.

Meng Xinyu went to the restaurant and saw Zhong Kui and Lu Boya both watching the dead soul in front of the computer. It turned out that he was Wu Qingyuan. The video was discovered by Lu Boya on a zombie account. Lu Boya used many methods to delete the video. So Lu Boya wanted to be able to find the IP address of the video or maybe find that person. Zhong Kui looked at it and said that he was a bit expensive and he ran out of many computers, just like the fairy in the picture in Liao Zhai, so Wu Qingyuan might be Hiding in the video.

Zhong Kui asked Xiao Qi to find Wu Qingyuan in the video, but he didn’t expect Wu Qingyuan to run away again. Xiao Qi went back lonely and reported like Zhong Kui. At this time, he saw Zhong Kui and the others were watching Wu Qingyuan and colleagues appearing in other people’s computers. So Lu Boya felt that he had a way to help Zhong Kui and the others, but he needed them to explain things clearly to help them. So Meng Xinyu talked to them about the process.

Li Enxi and Ouyang Kai slept in the car all night, and Ouyang Kai got up early the next morning to buy coffee for Li Enxi. Li Enxi was still very moved by Ouyang Kai’s actions. After playing for a long time, Ouyang Kai sent Li Enxi home, but she still didn’t want to get off the car and go home because she left in anger, so it would be too shame to go back.

After Meng Xinyu went home, she watched Li Enxi before she went home and sent a message to her to go back. She had already prepared a supper. Li Enxi was a little sad after reading Meng Xinyu’s news, and Ouyang Kai also prepared a supper for her. Meng Xinyu ate supper at home alone, recalling that she was very happy with Li Enxi, and now she was the only one left to call Zhong Kui to accompany her.

And Li Enxi and Ouyang Kai were drinking together at his house, and they were playing Truth or Dare, so Ouyang Kai asked her if she had a quarrel with Meng Xinyu. Li Enxi took out her mobile phone and showed it to Ouyang Kai. Meng Xinyu has sent her 35 letters. He didn’t read the news, so Ouyang Kai called Meng Xinyu. Zhong Kui received it. The two greeted each other and hung up.

Master Cheng Huang told Zhong Kui that he wanted him to arrest Wu Qingyuan within a day, but Zhong Kui said that everything had been planned and he would wait for Wu Qingyuan to take the bait.

Early the next morning, Ouyang Kai prepared breakfast for Li Enxi and also prepared the travel schedule for them. When Ouyang Kai was going to change clothes, Li Enxi glanced at the phone, which told her to watch the lively video, and waited for Ouyang Kai to go out. Li Enxi was gone.

The same video is still circulating on the Internet. A young man released the ghost in the video, so Wu Qingyuan appeared. Po Meng and Lu Boya quickly appeared and trapped Wu Qingyuan. Lu Boya said that the path in the computer had been blocked. He was sealed, and Wu Qingyuan could not escape. So Wu Qingyuan jumped over the wall in a hurry to kill the boy. Xiao Qi showed up and blocked him. Wu Qingyuan used resentment and hostility to die with them.

This clock appeared and stood in front of him and told Wu Qingyuan to turn his head back, but Wu Qingyuan still believed him. They are victims, and the righteous way they act is hypocritical, and none of their victims are going to kill Meng Po for them. Zhong Kui stood in front of Meng Po and took a hand for her. Zhong Kui was impatient. After that, he beat Wu Qingyuan so hard that he could never live beyond birth.

At this time, Po Meng gave him a candle, because there are still many mysteries in Wu Qingyuan that have not been solved. If you look at Wu Qingyuan himself, he is not worthy of sympathy, because he has done all the bad things. , But his mother who bought it in a year has been waiting at the bakery to see him for the last time.

Wu Qingyuan was moved by Po Meng, hoping to send him home to see his mother for the last time, and would tell him everything he knew. At this time, Li Enxi hid not far away with a wretched smile and left.

Wu Qingyuan was taken back to the bakery by Zhong Kui and the others. Granny Wu saw the ghost of her son and the daughter passed by. Granny Wu and granddaughter said that Wu Qingyuan had done something wrong at the beginning, but later learned that he had repented, and the bad guys still did not let him go. He finally took his life. Wu Qingyuan also admitted his mistake and hoped that his daughter could forgive him, Wu Yuhan nodded and was willing to forgive his father.

Zhong Kui watched the time come and called Wu Qingyuan on the road, but Wu Qingyuan told his mother not to send a white-haired person to a black-haired guy, and turned around to send him away. Wu’s mother-in-law told Wu Qingyuan to remember his mother and be her child in the next life. Wu Qingyuan left. Wu Yuhan couldn’t help but yelled to her dad. She has never been a dad.

Zhong Kui told them that there is a difference between humans and ghosts. He must delete all human memories at the scene. Granny Wu didn’t want to forget her son. Xiao Qi wanted to delete but was stopped by Zhong Kui, and he was responsible for things that happened.

Zhong Kui fainted after returning home. Meng Xinyu hurriedly called King Qin Guang. Unexpectedly, he was pretending to be sick. Seeing that Meng was so nervous, she hugged her and kissed her.

Early the next morning, Zhong Kui looked at Po Meng who hadn’t woke up in bed and couldn’t put it down, but the prefecture called him to go back to work. Zhong Kui had to go back to the prefecture class to close the case of Wu Qingyuan. It’s just that Qin Guangwang said that although Wu Qingyuan had changed it, he hadn’t explained everything. In addition, Li Enxi also has a background.

Lu Boya sent snacks to Meng Xinyu, and Po Meng asked him if he should avoid people in different worlds. But Lu Boya was very frank. He liked it and liked it, and he wouldn’t dislike it because of who he was. Lu Boya asked why there was a conflict between Meng Xinyu and Li Enxi, so she said that she was angry because she did not tell Li Enxi her true identity, and Li Enxi hid outside the door.

Zhong Kui and Xiao Qi went to the movie theater, and they were all ghost-possessed people.

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