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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 14 Recap

Perfect Blue soon signed with Jiang Zheyang and Rui. Duan Ran was very grateful to Ouyang. This time, thanks to Ouyang telling him how to win Jiang’s mother, he signed the contract smoothly. Ouyang asked Duan Ran to invite dinner tonight, but Duan Ran was anxious to go back and tell Qian Xixi the good news. Ouyang felt disappointed.

Duan Ran couldn’t wait to tell Qian Xixi about the signing, and he urgently needed Qian Xixi to give him a reward. Qian Xixi took out a chewing gum to Duan Ran, and Duan Ran was surprised by the cockroach chewing gum without any protection. . Duan Ran simply confiscated the chewing gum in order to stop being frightened. He learned that Qian Xixi was going to renovate the old house. Duan Ran was worried that Qian Xixi wanted to move back. Qian Xixi lied that he only renovated for a high price. of.

The next day, Duan Ran announced in the company that every anchor would record a video, and finally selected five broadcasters to recommend to Jiang Zheyang, and let Jiang Zheyang partner with her during the live broadcast. Everyone worked hard for this. .

Duan Ran inadvertently saw Qi Yuanyuan call everywhere and whispered for a role, and he didn’t even need to make a line as long as he appeared on the camera, but even so, no one agreed to cooperate with Qi Yuanyuan. Seeing this, Duan Ran offered to let Qi Yuanyuan join Jiang Zheyang’s partner.

Qian Xixi was curious to know what the competition standards were, but Duan Ran refused to say that even if he participated in the competition, Qian Xixi would lose the election because her overall conditions were relatively poor.

Qian Xixi was not convinced. He felt that his voice in the company was very high and his popularity was quite good. But Duan Ran shook his head slightly and claimed that he did this to protect Qian Xixi. This sentence made Qian Xixi even more unwilling. Understood.

The next day, in the company, Qian Xixi saw that everyone was more motivated, and they were all motivated by Duan Ran’s vague rules. Qian Xixi wondered what kind of rules Duan Ran had formulated. What can Duan Ran make? He refused to say it, and kept saying that Qian Xixi had no hope.

Qian Xixi accidentally saw Duan Ran sneakingly mailing something, and secretly opened it to see a video recorded by several new anchors. One of them was Qi Yuanyuan. Qian Xixi understood that Duan Ran had deliberately decided Qi Yuanyuan. . Qian Xixi analyzed that Duan Ran might have done this to get Qi Yuanyuan back to sign. He felt that this would be unfair to everyone, so he put all the anchor’s videos in and sent it to Jiang Zheyang.

After seeing the video, Ouyang called Duan Ran and blamed Duan Ran for posting videos of fifty people. Ouyang personally came to Duan Ran to talk about the next cooperation. Duan Ran found five girls in the video and waited for the meeting. Room. Qian Xixi called out Duan Ran, opposing Duan Ran’s biasing of all resources towards one person. Although he would benefit from this in the future, it would be unfair to others in the company. At this time, Yuanyuan came and hugged Qian Xixi specially. Qian Xixi couldn’t continue to oppose it. Duan Ran took Qi Yuanyuan to see Ouyang.

Everyone felt a little strange when Duan Ran brought Yuanyuan in directly, and they asked Qian Xixi for inquiries. Qian Xixi couldn’t bear to tell the truth. Su Su said that Duan Ran had decided on Qi Yuanyuan right from the beginning. indignant. Qian Xixi also knew that the girl who came was Ouyang Meixuan, and she was uncomfortable. She came to the office to drive Duan Ran and Yuanyuan out to talk to Ouyang Meixuan in person. Ouyang Meixuan did not forget to be angry with Qian Xixi, and asked Duan Ran to buy her something she likes to eat.

Qian Xixi proposed to Ouyang that every anchor in the company should have a chance, and give everyone a chance in a fair and just manner. Ouyang immediately stated that the first person she eliminated was Qian Xixi, because Qian Xixi used Jiang Zheyang last time, but Qian Xixi thinks that she also made Jiang Zheyang on the hot search last time. Perhaps it is because of this hot search that Ouyang did not blame Qian Xixi. Qian Xixi agreed to exchange his elimination for everyone’s chance, and Ouyang also readily agreed.

Qian Xixi informed everyone to interview with Ouyang and explained to Yuanyuan privately that she hoped that Yuanyuan would understand that her position as a CEO must give everyone a fair chance. Qi Yuanyuan expressed his understanding and believed that as long as the competition If it is fair, she must be confident that she can win.

Duan Ran told Ouyang a lot about Qi Yuanyuan, thinking that Qi Yuanyuan was already very capable, it was a pity that she left here, and hoped to use this opportunity to re-sign Yuanyuan and make Yuanyuan the top Ministry anchor.

While listening to Duan Ran’s introduction, Ouyang interviewed everyone. Each of the anchors tried their best to show themselves in front of Ouyang and show their understanding of Jiang Zheyang. Ouyang has been listening without making any comments.

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