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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 13 Recap

President Bai proposed to buy, which scared Qian Xixi. As a result, President Bai said that he wanted to buy bulletproof coffee. Qian Xixi had to truthfully tell that the patent for this coffee was not in the company, but Xiaobai’s exclusive formula. President Bai proposed Contact me. When Qian Xixi brought Xiaobai over, I learned that Xiaobai was the biological daughter of President Bai, whose original name was Bai Siyu.

Duan Ran accompanies Jiang’s mother to visit QE. Jiang’s mother likes everything, especially famous-brand bags. Duan Ran hastened to let people wrap them up. Jiang’s mother asked Duan Ran to help. She always wanted to help Jiang Zheyang in other business areas, worried that she could help if Ouyang left Jiang Zheyang alone one day. Seeing that the time was right.

Duan Ran mentioned Bo Pineapple, and deliberately mentioned that Ouyang had rejected it because Ouyang felt the brand was too small, but Jiang’s mother didn’t know about it, and she felt that Ouyang should not be silent. I refused, and immediately hoped that Duan Ran would contact him to bring this project back to life. Duan Ran also hoped that Jiang’s mother could tell Chen Lang that she had handed over the endorsement matter to Duan Ran, so that the two sides were not talking about the same thing and could not make things right. Jiang’s mother immediately agreed and gladly took Duan Ran and gave it to her. Package.

Bai Siyu never wanted to go to the company, but Mr. Bai always trained her to learn business management, and Bai Siyu left the house and moved out. The bulletproof coffee was actually researched during the internship at Hualu Coffee. Bai Siyu brought this patent to start his own business, and Bai Siyu was so angry that he warned Bai Siyu that if he didn’t go back obediently, he would take her and the live broadcast company to court. Bai Siyu was also shameless. He casually told his father to see if his biological daughter was sent to prison. Mr. Bai had no choice but to leave by himself, leaving Bai Siyu with the live broadcast company.

President Bai came back just after leaving Duan Ran. Bai Siyu truthfully told Qian Xixi that this coffee patent belonged to Hualu Company, so he could not continue to sell it on the platform. Qian Xixi also understood Bai Siyu, as long as she did not leave and continue to do the live broadcast. You can also sell other things.

Duan Ran happily comforted Bai Siyu’s coffee to leave, but Bo Pineapple is coming soon. Basically, he can get the contract back in two or three days. Bai Siyu was very excited when he heard that the endorsement was Jiang Zheyang. Bai Siyu also promised her father to move back home, and her father also promised to let her go according to her own pace of life as long as she returned. Qian Xixi helped Bai Siyu pack things up, and specially called the moving company to help Bai Siyu move together.

Qian Xixi thinks that she has grown up now, is also independent, and more importantly is also making money, so she has to clean up the house and move back, and cannot stay in Duan Ran’s house. Seeing the growth tree on the wall, Qian Xixi thought of his father. Mom once said that as long as Qian Xixi grew to a certain height, his father would come back, but Qian Xixi exceeded that height and his father did not return. Bai Siyu asked Qian Xi Where did West’s father go? Qian Xixi said nothing about this. After moving the cabinet, Qian Xixi found the cockroach gum from her childhood, which she used to scare Duan Burn.

When Duan Ran negotiated with Jiang Zheyang, he came to Mr. Wu, but unexpectedly learned that Mr. Wu had signed a contract with Niu Junfeng, so angry that Mr. Duan Ran rushed into Mr. Wu’s office and saw Chen Lang was there. This time, Mr. Knowing that I was fooled.

On the surface, Chen Lang vie with him for Jiang Zheyang, secretly introducing Niu Junfeng and Bo Pineapple to sign, so angry that Duan Ran wants to beat Chen Lang, but Chen Lang satirizes Duan Ran after Zhuge Liang, who is only suitable to go home and raise a dog.

Duan Ran accused Mr. Wu of playing tricks like this. Mr. Wu explained that because he was rejected by Jiang Zheyang, and the board of directors discussed that Jiang Zheyang was too international, but Niu Junfeng was more grounded, so he finally signed Niu Junfeng.

After Duan Ran returned, he angrily told Yu Shi about the incident, but he didn’t want to be run by Qian Xixi, so when Qian Xixi came over, he was confident that he would be able to win the Bo Pineapple. Qian Xixi was also very happy , I think that as long as he wins the full set of Bo pineapple, he will definitely be able to stand up. As soon as Qian Xixi left, Duan Ran saw an invitation letter for President Mu’s commemorative meeting, and immediately rushed over, planning to find President Mu to discuss cooperation with Perfect Lan.

Xiao Mu believes that Perfect Blue has been suppressed by Bo Pineapple for many years. In fact Bo Pineapple only spends money from advertising, but never pays attention to quality. Their quality first is the key. As for Jiang Zheyang’s resources, he No need. Xiao Mu declined the cooperation with Duan Ran. Duan Ran was originally angry and planned to leave, but after thinking about it, he was worried that he would not be able to go back for business, so he could only sit down again.

Mr. Xiao Mu left with a girl. Duan Ran and Yu Shi hurriedly caught up and continued to persuade Mr. Mu to cooperate. Yu Shi even stopped in front of Mr. Mu’s car and forced Mr. Mu to negotiate with Mr. Duan. Mr. Ran Xiang Xiaomu explained the future development prospects and promised to promise sales in the contract. In the end, Mr. Mu proposed two conditions. One is that Jiang Zheyang must be allowed to speak, and the other is to reduce the profit from the original contract from 20% to 10%. As long as Duan Ran agrees to it, all clothes will be sold. Live broadcast for Duan Ran, and Yu Shi signaled Duan Ran to agree, this matter can be considered as a deal.

After watching Mr. Mu’s car leave, Duan Ran put his arm around Yu Shi’s shoulder to remind him that no matter what happens in the future, he is not allowed to stand in front of the car.

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