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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 49 Recap

The autopsy report of the corpse in the ambulance came out. It was not Su Wenqian. Qin Zishu let out a sigh of relief when he learned about it. Ouyang Xiangling still has no news. Section Chief Cao infers that Chi Tiecheng may use Ouyang Xiangling to force Su Wenqian to cooperate with him. Ouyang Xiangling is not in danger for the time being, but can Su Wenqian withstand the slope of Chi Tiecheng.

Chi Tiecheng planned to use the tricks to make the Communist Party think they were fooled, but Su Wenqian chuckled. The Public Security Bureau has deployed such a big battle. To say nothing, there are hundreds of People’s Liberation Army troops. How can they withstand a few guns? . Chi Tiecheng said that it would solve the manpower problem, and Su Wenqian had to find out which of the three streets was most suitable for action.

Chi Tiecheng asked Shan Leng to send a telegram, and Su Wenqian chose the most suitable street. Taichang Road had many sniper spots, but the distance was farther than Chang’an Road and it was too difficult. The environment on Chang’an Road is simple and there are two suitable sniper positions, but Chi Tiecheng has concerns, because there are only two sniping points here, one for Su Wenqian and one for Chi Tiecheng. Su Wenqian will definitely know Chitiecheng’s location before shooting. Sniper position. Su Wenqian naturally understood Chi Tiecheng’s concerns.

Chi Tiecheng called Principal Fang over in the middle of the night, read the secret telegram of the bureau seat, and asked Principal Fang to gather dozens of operatives besides the recently lost personnel and weapons, and follow up with Chi Tiecheng’s command. Principal Fang was very angry. Songjiang Station had lost its troops for the gardener’s action.

Chi Tiecheng wanted Songjiang Station to gamble to die. Chi Tiecheng said that after the action, he would take him away from Songjiang, and he would not forget him when he was rewarded in the game. Chi Tiecheng asked Li Beifa to follow Principal Fang. Principal Fang did not trust Su Wenqian, and he was unwilling to let his Songjiang Station go to death.

Chi Tiecheng took Su Wenqian to see his father and asked him to help change the gun. The old man was unwilling to change the gun for Chi Tiecheng, but this time the person who wanted to change the gun was Su Wenqian. The old man learned that Su Wenqian wanted to use the gun. I immediately agreed. Principal Fang is lobbying for Li Beicai.

He is the No. 2 shooter in the jellyfish group. Why should Su Wenqian replace him? As long as he is in Li Beicai, there will be no day in his life. Although Li Beifa was unwilling, he could only obey the orders. Principal Fang said that the bureau was very dissatisfied with Chi Tiecheng. If they jointly filed a lawsuit to expose Chi Tiecheng’s malpractice, they could completely take command of the operation.

Li Beifa didn’t pay attention, and put down his harsh words before leaving, Su Wenqian may not be the second shooter. Su Wenqian used a code to tell his father Chi Tiecheng to force himself to kill, hoping that he would help stop Chi Tiecheng and let him pass on information, but his father’s attitude caught Su Wenqian off guard. After all, Chi Tiecheng was like his father and his son. Raised, would he really sacrifice Chi Tiecheng for those people?

Section Chief Cao and Director are anxiously waiting for news. Chi Tiecheng and Su Wenqian are just about to leave. Dad said this is the last time to help them. There is another request. They are all pulled by Dad. He has been buried in loess.

Halfway, but as long as he is alive, they can’t shoot at each other, and the two agreed. On the way back, Su Wenqian was handcuffed and wearing a headgear, completely unaware of the road. Su Wenqian asked to see Ouyang Xiangling. Li Beifa and Shan Leng took her to the place where Ouyang Xiangling was taken care of.

In the early morning, the Director and Chief Cao finally received a call from his father. The information was available. It was Taichang Road. They were very happy to learn that Ouyang Xiangling was safe.

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