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No Worries It’s Youth 没关系是青春啊 Episode 9 Recap

The firefly exhibition ended successfully, Lin Rijiu served as Ren Keying restaurant

When he arrived in the infirmary, the doctor said that he fainted and rested for a while because he had a cold after menstruation. It didn’t matter. He was worried about the person and his body after work. When he could wake up, he immediately prepared a warm Hot brown sugar water, in fact, there is not much time left until the exhibition. After work, the exhibition has been arranged well. Alice received it. After work, the call came to take care of Ren Keying. After the person came, he said that he should go to the exhibition as soon as possible. And Alice said that as the protagonist tonight, she couldn’t dress like this.

At this time, Xia Bai took Alice’s makeup case and came over to Alice to join in. He could dress up as a princess, and the hem was his prince and the two first set out to come to the exhibition site. The work has been well received by the alumni. This is the protagonist’s debut. Alice said that he asked Xia Bai and Ren Keying to perform a dance for them. The two waltzed in the middle of the dance floor, and the scene before him was completely complete. Enraged Feng Sisi, he rushed to the door of the exhibition to pull the switch off, when the exhibition suddenly fell into darkness.

Ren Keying was a little overwhelmed. Fortunately, he found someone to buy the battery in advance after work. He immediately opened the battery and released the fireflies that had been prepared. Everyone felt that today’s exhibition was unique, but Lin Rijiu actually received it. The news is that his mother Huang suddenly fell ill and fainted. But when he returned, his mother sat beside him unharmed. After a meal with his mother, he hurriedly said that there was still something in school. When he hurried back, Xia Bai and Lin Keying were dancing in the school. He suddenly felt that he was out of place, so he left the exhibition site and the exhibition ended successfully.

After the exhibition, in order to celebrate this event, they decided to go outside to have a good meal. Ren Keying and others came to a seafood restaurant, only to find that it was empty. In fact, it was already reserved by Lin Rijiu. The purpose of the package is to allow people to eat a meal quietly and let the guests know that the customer is not paying for it today, so they start ordering a big meal frantically, and they are satisfied.

After the meal, Ren Keyi said that he wanted to go to the bathroom, but when he came back, he heard the waiter in the restaurant talking behind him that the person who booked the room was actually for a celebrity. As a result, he was inconspicuous. Ren Keying felt a little sad when she heard how famous the child thought she was. At this time, she came over from get off work to comfort her and took her back home.

Renyi knew what Lin Rijiu thought about his sister. He specially prepared two concert tickets that his sister liked to listen to. He said that he could ask her sister to see the results tomorrow, but Lin Rijiu hesitated to speak.

This morning, when he woke up, his brother had already gone out and he was not at home. Lin Ri told Ke Yingxin to wash up and prepare breakfast for him. As soon as the population came out, the whole house was full of smoke. He even thought that Lin It will take a long time to demolish my home. It turned out that Lin Rijiu didn’t have the talent to cook. He could turn black when he cooked an omelette. Ren Keying decided to show his skills and let him see how good he was.

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