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No Worries It’s Youth 没关系是青春啊 Episode 8 Recap

After the budget statement of step 1 came out, they needed to show it to the school’s leaders for approval, and they could apply for the next stage after getting permission from the school’s exhibition to seal the venue. So they came to the counselor Gao Ge, they can still be affectionate. He used his hands and feet to show Gao Ge’s exhibition plan, but Gao Ge did not understand, so with the help of the hem, he could still re-narrate his hopes for the exhibition again. Gao Ge finally agreed with them to do this Exhibition.

The most important thing in the exhibition is the works of art students. However, based on past experience over the years, art students are very disgusted with these exhibitions of the University of Life. They are generally reluctant to provide their own works. Here, Keying takes him off work. People came to the entrance of the math room of the art students and saw that the art students inside were complaining that their model is still their old antique teacher, and Ren Keying knocked on the door and said that they hope to come to cooperate with the art students to do this At the exhibition, he was turned away as expected.

After returning home, Ren Keying was very disappointed. He didn’t know how to obtain it. This made people say that last year Lin Rijiu succeeded in getting the works of art students, and then Lin Rijiu was unwilling to say it. How did he get it? This is actually very simple when someone demolished his desk. Tomorrow’s wine was promised to be a mannequin for art students. Several people laughed when they found out. Ren Keying decided to follow Lin Rijiu Acting as a mannequin for the art students, and this decision scared the hem. On the second day, Renyi, Lin Rijiu and the three were arrested together as mannequins, because they were worried that Ren Keying would come to act as a mannequin. In the end, they were logical. He has reached an agreement with the students in the art room and they are willing to provide works for this exhibition.

In the end, they needed to determine the theme of this exhibition. Tonight, Ren Keying was scratching her head in the bedroom. She just couldn’t figure out what theme to choose. In the end, he suddenly thought of summer and fireflies, so he decided on the theme of this time. The actual photo of the firefly scene called Midsummer Night. When he showed it to Renyi and the others, he won their unanimous praise. He said that this would be the biggest exhibition ever held by Xinghuo University.

At this time, Ren Keying urged them to act quickly, because there were only 10 hours left before the start of the exhibition, so. The three of Ren Keying and the others immediately came to the exhibition site and started the intensive decoration. He and Ying almost fell off while hanging the chandelier. Fortunately, they hugged her in time after get off work, and Lin Rijiu actually wanted to help. But still missed a step.

The exhibition is almost set up. This is when Lin Rijiu received the selection. He told Xia Bai that he would not be able to come to participate if he had something to do at night, and that people could run to the toilet because of an uncomfortable stomach. He did not expect his aunt to come out at this time. At this time, Feng Sisi’s people secretly ran to the women’s bathroom and poured a bucket of cold water on Ren Keying’s body. When they went out, they met with the front of the hem. At this time, people could walk out wet and want to arrange the results. , But he was exhausted and fainted and quickly took him to the infirmary after work.

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