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No Worries It’s Youth 没关系是青春啊 Episode 7 Recap

Feng Sisi decided to engage in the exhibition by himself, Ren Keying learned about the exhibition arrangement

Feng Si was in a hurry that day. The other ministers of the student union had a meeting with them. She felt that if the Xinhua University exhibition was handed over to someone to usher in, it would definitely be messed up. He, as a person who didn’t understand anything Officer, so when they go out to lose the face of Xinghuo University, other ministers all agreed, and one of them mocked and said that he was actually doing this for Xia Bai .

However, at this time Feng Sisi went to the company department office and said that even if Xia Bai was in front of him, he would say that this matter was really good for the school, not simply for downloading individuals, but Tang Jiajia raised it at this time and said that he, He does not have so much idle time to take care of so many things. Instead of worrying about these, it is better to do your own affairs well. This is Feng Sisi who has begun to use moral sanctions again. He said that everyone is working hard for this exhibition. He Tang Jiajia Can you stay out of it? Tang Jiajia ignored it and left the conference hall.

After Ren Keying learned about the exhibition, he decided to learn how to organize the exhibition, but he did not get everyone’s support because it was really not as easy to organize an exhibition as he thought. Lin Rijiu felt that this exhibition It would be better for him and Xia Bai to complete it, but Ren Keying decided that he must learn how to arrange an exhibition.

After Lin Rijiu got up today, he found that Ren Keying was no longer the person. He said that he had asked Xiabai to go out to study early, but looking at the time, his sister probably forgot to study early today. Renyi suddenly asked Lin Rijiu very heavily. He knows why his sister has always had poor academic performance. Lin Rijiu said that it was because he was busy with being a celebrity every day, and he arbitrarily rejected it. Lin Rijiu’s sister was sick. Lin Rijiu was very excited when she heard that she immediately wanted to go out and take Ren Keying to see a doctor. At this time, she said at will. In fact, her sister has book dysfunction, which is easy to get sleepy when she reads a book.

Yuan Keying came to the library early to occupy a place, but just opened the book, he began to fall asleep. The gossip reporters from Catdog Entertainment lurked here, and when he arrived at the school, he secretly took a picture of Ren Keying, and Xia Bai was at the moment. I took the Max men’s team to practice physical fitness on the playground. The members complained about why there is such a large amount of training. Xia Bai said that they must work hard for the next street dance competition.

After the agreed time with Ren Keying, I came to the library after work. I caught the gossip magazine reporters from Catgou Entertainment on the spot and drove them out. He could wake up people, but it was very embarrassing to take a group photo. I was scared to see her bad appearance. She gave an excuse to fetch water. Ren Keying quickly touched up her makeup. When she came back from work, she stared at Ren Keying’s lips and watched Ren Keying thinking that she was going to kiss her after work. The next thing is that she applied lipstick to the outside of her lips, leaning over and using her fingers to help someone wipe off the excess lipstick, the atmosphere between the two was ambiguous.

When everything is settled down, I will teach people step by step how to arrange an exhibition. First of all, the first step of the initial exhibition plan is to work out an exhibition budget. However, Ren Keying’s mathematics level is really not good. He can only be taught step by step after get off work, and finally got an initial plan report.

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