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No Worries It’s Youth 没关系是青春啊 Episode 11 Recap

When Lin Rijiu saw Xia Baiyue Ren Keying, he understood that those were the people that people could like in their hearts, and they were always hemlines, and the memories of their childhood may have been long ago. Ren Keying had forgotten, he decided to move back home and live there. After this day, people could cause Lin Rijiu to find that Lin Rijiu was packing things. It took too long for Li Rijiu to tell him. He decided to go back and stay with his family. Ke Ying was suddenly a little bit disheartened, but he pulled Lin Rijiu on hold and said, although he is very lonely in his work and his speech is not good, but if he is unhappy, he can still live here.

Lin Rijiu bid farewell to Ren Keying and left with the suitcase. Xia Bai said that he still had a wallet on the table, so he ran downstairs to see him off. When the two were waiting for the bus downstairs, Xia Bai Ask him that the girl in his wallet is Ren Keying. It turns out that they have known each other for many years. Even if they know each other for a long time tomorrow, it is still a thing of the past. He does not remember these things. Tomorrow Wine is very sad. He got in the car and was going back. The information steward asked whether the young master had chosen to withdraw because of an emotional problem. They have already investigated that the girl who was playing hide-and-seek together was Ren Keying.

However, Zhijijiu felt that he should let go and let him be free to give him happiness, instead of taking him as his own. The butler felt that he should recognize his own soul. If he doesn’t even have the courage to say it, then he doesn’t deserve it. After this relationship was over, Lin Rijiu shut himself in the room after returning home, and mother Huangfujing was very worried about his son’s mood.

At this time I learned. The girl who interviewed for the role of the president of the president was Ren Keying, who is her son’s sweetheart. For so long, the son has been living in his home, so he decided to help his son. This day people can win at home. At the time, I suddenly received news from the agent Mei, and then immediately took her to the dressing room. After she was well dressed, she said that there was an event that needed to be carried out here. The result was that the media and people could influence the scene before her. Shocked, the palace-like castle in front of them was their shooting location this time.

Because this untrustworthy work was confidential, Ren Keying had to go in alone. He climbed the high steps and entered Huang Fujin’s private library. Here Wang Fujin also called and asked Lin Rijiu. When I came to the family library, I said that I had something to tell him. After the two people entered the library, Huang Fujing watched everything from the video surveillance and asked them to turn off the lights. The two were in the dark library. When we met, there was no romantic plot as imagined.

In the dark, Ren Keying was suddenly slapped on the shoulder and frightened and directly waved the other party with a punch. As a result, the person was actually Lin Rijiu and Huang Fujin who was so angry when he saw it behind him, so the light was turned on. When Lin Rijiu’s eyes were red and swollen, Ren Keying was very embarrassed. He leaned over to see if there was any problem. This was an ambiguity between the two. Hong Fujing asked his son to hear it quickly, but Aran still flashed. opened.

At this moment, artificial snowflakes began to float in the sky. Ren Keying was very happy watching all this. He said that he had the best memory about Xue. When the relationship between the two of them was ambiguous, Sister Mei suddenly rushed in. Coming in, they were illegally imprisoned and took Ren Keying away forcefully.

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