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No Worries It’s Youth 没关系是青春啊 Episode 10 Recap

As a result, Ren Keying started a showdown to show Lin Rijiu his superb egg-fried rice technique. When he finally closed the pot, he seemed to accidentally fall. It was Lin Rijiu who helped him in time, and he made a mistake in panic. The salt and sugar were wrong, and the final egg fried rice was actually sweet, but Lin Rijiu thought it was quite delicious.

Ren Keying hurried to the school after eating. After class, he walked to the door of Xia Bai’s dance studio, but he always felt that he would be too deliberate when he came here every day. You can feel someone after work, but because he doesn’t know about people’s pitiful feelings, he has not been able to say it, and his team members all want to give an assist to the hem, so he found Ren Keying when he was ready to leave after work. It was at the door, so he immediately pulled the players back, so that people could see the youngest boy they trained. He didn’t know the captain’s mind, he just sighed with emotion that he had just finished training, why did he practice again? As a result, he received a blank eye from his teammates.

After the dance practice is over. Ren Keying brought drinks to everyone, but they bought orange soda that Xia Bai liked. The teammates ridiculed that he bought them because he liked the hem, and then Ren Keying hurriedly explained that he was not such a teammate. He also said that it was not because Xia Bai liked it that he bought it. Ren Keying didn’t know how to explain it. Xiaobai asked his teammates to stop teasing him. After the dance practice today, he decided to take someone to a place.

He inquired that Ren Keyi also liked the concert of this combination. He happened to have two tickets on hand, so he decided to take anyone to watch it. Ren Keying happily agreed, but he didn’t expect it. Lin Rijiu also wanted to make appointments and could go see it together, but he always felt that it was not embarrassing to make an appointment directly, so he decided to make a sumptuous dinner at home, and waited for Keying to come back and tell him in person.

But because Lin Rijiu’s cooking skills are really not good, he brought Renyi to the vegetable market. Buying vegetables, Renyi thought he would cook, but if he had to cook meat according to the recipe, the chef asked for a catty, but The boss was missing 1 catty and 2 taels when he cut it. He insisted on making the boss cut the boss according to a catty. He almost wanted to cut him with a knife. In the end, he was content to buy all the ingredients he needed and brought them. After returning home, cooking was not as simple as he had imagined. After wasting a lot of ingredients, she finally reluctantly made a few dishes and a soup. When she was at home, she was happily waiting for someone to win it back. Ren Keying still didn’t come back when it was time for dinner.

Call Ren Keying arbitrarily, but found that the phone could not get through. It turned out that Ren Keying found out that her mobile phone was dead after going out, but there was nothing to think about, so he didn’t charge the phone, he and Xia Bai It is very fun to go shopping and eating at the night market near the school.

It’s finally time for the concert. Because Lin Ri deliberately said that he had an appointment with other people before, he didn’t want to bring Ren Keying. Now he is dragging him to the concert with him. Although a little awkward, Renyi is still accepted. As a result, he saw Ren Keying and Xia Bai together when he arrived at the ticket inspection place. Lin Rijiu immediately turned around and left the scene.

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