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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 35 Recap

Wang Zai asked Long Aoyi to surrender Qingtaki’s water transport map and the dragon stick, saying that he would help her prevent King Jun’s marriage. After all, Li Qingliu was reluctant to get married at the beginning until Wang Zai ordered his men to take out Long Aoyi’s clothes. Long Aoyi laughed at Yuan Zai’s appearance of loyalty and honesty, but secretly killing people like ants, even threatening the royal family is easy, but she is curious why Yuan Zai killed Sister Feng, it is clear that the two people have no grievances and no grudges.

Facing Long Aoyi’s doubts, Yuan Zai was not eager to refute, but slowly revealed the relationship between him and Feng Sister. It turns out that Sister Feng, whose real name is Feng Ge, is the same brother and sister as Yuan Zai, and worships Mr. Jiuyuan, a cultivator of Taoism at Tianmu Mountain. Because he is good at Yin and Yang and the Five Elements, she can be said to be incomprehensible, so she created a set of comprehension techniques. It is not ordinary contempt, but strategizing through observing the objective world, calculating people’s hearts, and even deducing secrets.

Later, Mr. Jiuyuan gave black and white koi and jade pendants to the two of them before they came out of their teachers. Originally, Yuan Zai wanted to take Feng Ge to go to an official career together, and use his life learning to contribute to the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty. However, he accidentally heard Master’s private instructions to his younger sisters. Therefore, it was discovered that Mr. Jiuyuan was afraid that he would be too eager to seek power and go astray in the future, so he asked Feng Ge to take good care of the jade pendant. Only the white koi could counterbalance the black koi. Naturally, he would not escape the ups and downs of luck and would definitely die.

Yuan Zai left without saying goodbye and went down the mountain on his own. Since then, he has lost contact with his master and his younger sister. When he gains a foothold in the court and gains power, he has not forgotten this matter. It is a pity that the master has long passed away, and the younger sister has disappeared. Therefore, the several assassinations that Long Aoyi encountered after coming to Chang’an were all by Yuan Zai. At first, Yuan Zai really wanted to put Long Ao Yi to death, but when he heard that she and Li Qingliu were involved in Fengyue affair, they simply planned it out. , Using Li Qingliu to mess up the world, the royal family disputes continue.

Long Aoyi intended to take the opportunity to escape, but was stopped. At this time, Li Qingliu was about to worship Du Xiaoxian, and suddenly heard Long Aoyi’s voice coming from outside the door, so he wanted to seize the door and chase after him. Du Xiaoxian hurriedly grabbed Li Qingliu and angrily accused him of humiliating him in every possible way, so he hated him from his heart, picked up the poisonous teacup and handed it to Li Qingliu, letting him choose between the two.

Li Qingliu drank the poisonous tea without saying a word, and declared that he would never be kind to Du Xiaoxian. After Li Qingliu left, the imperial concubine ordered Lu Erye to protect the prince, and Yuan Zai beheaded Du Changfeng on the spot on the grounds of murdering the prince. Seeing his father’s tragic death, Du Xiaoxian was extremely sad, and then lost his heart.

Yuan Zai guards kidnapped Long Aoyi and came to the suburbs. Li Qingliu followed all the way, but was attacked by Li Zhao. According to the map left by Li Zhao, Long Aoyi took the Panlong stick to go alone. Yuan Zai determined that Li Zhao could hardly resist the temptation of power and would inevitably become his accomplice, but in fact Li Zhao was forced to succumb to power, because although freedom is good, he will eventually lose his love.

Li Zhao could sigh that he liked Long Aoyi first, but in the end he let Li Qingliu embrace the beauty. Compared with Li Qingliu becoming a prince; when Long Ao entered the palace, it seemed that only Li Zhao had never changed, standing in Yincheng from beginning to end; standing on the day Long Aoyi smiled at him in a begonia outfit, he still failed to get the other side’s gaze.

Yuan Zai got the Coiling Dragon Stick and ordered his subordinates to put Li Qingliu into the Ten Thousand Gu Worm Hole, and Long Aoyi rushed to catch Li Qingliu at the critical moment. Seeing this situation, Li Zhao was angry and heartbroken until he saw the two falling into the abyss and disappeared. Originally, Li Zhao wanted to assassinate Yuan Zai, but he didn’t expect Yuan Zai to wear chain mail ahead of time, so he couldn’t get into it. Yuan Zai grabbed the dagger and stabbed him directly because Li Zhao had no use value. As a result, Wu Lin rushed to block the knife, and Li Zhao could not escape, and both master and servant were killed.

The personal guard was ordered to clean up Li Zhao’s body and drag him aside. At this time Li Zhao was dying, and Yu Guang caught a glimpse of Long Aoyi’s tail koi falling on the grass. He couldn’t help but recall the past and died with a smile. It happened that Xiaoqin and Lu Erye led everyone to find Long Aoyi nearby. The guards couldn’t burn Li Zhao to death, so they had to leave first.

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