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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 34 Recap

Since being caught in prison, Long Aoyi has been brutally tortured and bruised all over his body. Li Qingliu knelt on the ground and begged the emperor to be merciful. He wrote the original letter and sent it to the palace, stating that Long Aoyi had always been active in Jiannan Road. The Longzhu Gang was a folk gang and Qingtaki was only established by the two. No one is involved, let alone forming a party for private purposes.

Regarding the previous treacherous play, the reason is to hide the truth about Li Qingliu and Long Aoyi. The Long family was born in a river and lake. Although he behaves badly, he has a mellow nature. He just wants to be with Li Qingliu and does not know how to lie about having a royal family. The severity of the offspring. However, this fact was disrespectful and deserved to be punished, so Li Qingliu decided to take it for her.

After Du Xiaoxian learned of this, he hurriedly invited the maid of the Emperor Xuanjun’s palace to visit him, and the emperor agreed. Immediately Moth brought a pillow and admitted that Long Aoyi had made it for the fake prince. Because of the different months, the size of the pillow was different, and Long Aoyi deliberately concealed Li Qingliu. Facing the emperor’s question, Long Aoyi did not want to drag Li Qingliu, so he had to plead guilty.

Eventually the emperor, Princess Shengping, and Han Zhaorong stepped forward and took the initiative to help Long Ao Yi offense. The emperor thought that Li Qingliu had a deep affection for Long Aoyi, so he ordered to suspend severe torture to extract a confession. Relegated to the common people, the emperor will personally try the next day.

Yuan Zai persuaded the emperor to give Li Qingliu a marriage, and the emperor handed Li Qingliu’s marriage to Yuan Zai. Li Qingliu resisted the decree and refused to marry, and the emperor was pissed off by him. The emperor seized Qingtaki, and Long Aoyi threw off the stalker on the street, and then remembered the hidden poem written by Li Qingliu to her.

Xiaoqin asked Li Qingliu about Long Ao’s whereabouts, but Li Qingliu remained silent. At this moment, the imperial decree had arrived at Junwang’s Mansion and ordered Li Qingliu and Du Xiaoxian to get married three days later. Du Changfeng wanted to kill Long Aoyi, but Yuan Zai didn’t get the water transportation, so let Du Changfeng not act rashly.

The Longzhu gang was at the gate of King Jun’s mansion, scolding the imperial love. Du Xiaoxian was busy embroidering Li Qingliu’s dress in the embroidery room. Li Qingliu was trapped in Prince Jun’s Mansion. Before his wedding, he could only stay in the room unhappy all day without leaving the mansion. Du Xiaoxian gave Li Qingliu a wedding dress, and Li Qingliu asked Du Xiaoxian not to marry him, but should find a beloved person, but Du Xiaoxian said that he only wanted a status.

Li Qingliu didn’t accept Du Xiaoxian’s will, Du Xiaoxian was so angry that he let go of his suit and left immediately. Du Xiaoxian put on the happy clothes and made a fuss in the room. Du Changfeng came over and handed the yuzhu scattered to Du Xiaoxian. Du Xiaoxian did not know the reason. Du Changfeng explained that the current emperor is ill. If he dies suddenly, the prince will inherit the throne and ascend to the throne. If the prince passes away unexpectedly, Yuan Zai will ask for his order and promote the new prince Li Qingliu. Du Xiaoxian had to cooperate with Du Changfeng to poison the prince in order for Li Qingliu to sit as the prince.

On the day of the wedding, the emperor princess and others came to Junwang Mansion. When Du Xiaoxian heard that Li Qingliu had come to pick her up, he quickly asked Yue’er to cover Hipa. Long Ao was muffled with his veil and mixed in the crowd. He was very sad when he saw Li Qingliu take Du Xiaoxian into the house. Yuan Zai’s personal guards rushed into Jun Wang’s Mansion, and Long Aoyi hid in the door to peek at Li Qingliu and Du Xiaoxian’s worship hall, almost let Li Qingliu find out.

When Long Ao came to the room he had lived in before, Li Qingliu deliberately overturned the poisonous tea, and then asked Yan Bin to find the woman with the veil. Yuan Zai came to Long Aoyi and admitted that he had killed Sister Feng. Long Aoyi wanted revenge, but did not want to be stopped by Yuan Zai’s men.

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