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Insect Detective 破茧 Episode 9 Recap

Jiang Yaqin was receiving treatment in the hospital. After being hypnotized by the doctor, Jiang Yaqin saw her mother in a dream. Her mother told her that she could not stay with Jiang Yaqin for the rest of her life. The only thing her mother could leave Jiang Yaqin was these eyes. Jiang Yaqin cried in his heart while looking at the mother who was gone She would never let Zhang Xiaoya go. Jiang Yaqin changed his mother’s eyes after the operation, and his face changed a little, so he went to Cheng Penghui’s house as a nanny.

Captain Chen asked Cheng Penghui when Jiang Yaqin’s mother jumped off the building? Cheng Penghui told them that it was August 3rd. At this time, Cheng Penghui suddenly remembered that Zhang Xiaoya had jumped off the building that day. This made Cheng Penghui hold his head and regret it. Captain Chen said that this was Jiang Yaqin’s revenge on Zhang Xiaoya.

Cheng Penghui remembered that when he applied for Meng Jiangyue, he said that there were two elderly people in his family who needed to take care of him, one was a mother-in-law. One is the mother-in-law, but Meng Jiangyue has no reluctance, which makes them like Meng Jiangyue very much.

Captain Chen said that Jiang Yaqin was a thoughtful person. Jiang Yaqin was not eager to retaliate. Instead, he used Zhang Xiaoya’s insect-catching tree as a design prop, and then used the disease of Zhang Xiaoya’s head with hemangioma to make Zhang Xiaoya water on the balcony. Sooner or later, he would fall down. It is an illusion that when watering, he deliberately made noises to make neighbors keep the memory of watering every day, and also conducted a very detailed study on insect-catching trees.

He also soaked Zhang Xiaoya’s pajamas with apple water, and deliberately said that there was something going home on the day of Zhang Xiaoya’s accident, but Jiang Yaqin was also betting that Cheng Penghui would tell the hospital about Zhang Xiaoya’s hemangioma, but Jiang Yaqin was right.

Captain Chen believes that Jiang Yaqin is a sacrificial murder. Jiang Yaqin’s eyes were given to her by her mother. In this way, Jiang Yaqin will use the eyes her mother gave her to see the whole process of Zhang Xiaoya’s fall. Therefore, Jiang Yaqin must be present in the community. Therefore, Captain Chen and their monitoring of the community did find Jiang Yaqin, which fully confirmed their previous speculation that Jiang Yaqin killed someone on purpose.

Officer Li went to the tomb of Jiang Yaqin and her mother and said that Jiang Yaqin was not her mother’s birth. Jiang Yaqin was picked up by his mother on the roadside, so she followed her mother’s surname as Jiang. At this time, a middle-aged man not far away was looking at them, as if this person had any connection to the case.

Tan Jingtian and Jin Ling were waiting for Wenbai to eat together. After a while Wenbai took Xie Tianqi with him. Xie Tianqi said she was a vegetarian, but she went anyway. Dr. Xie was vegetarian and Wenbai rushed to the accident. They knew Wenbai for so long. Unexpectedly, at this time, Jin Ling said that Wenbai’s injustice was made possible by Dr. Xie Chen Xue. However, Xie Tianqi was also a good hand at opening other people’s letters. This made Xie Tianqi unable to sit still and said she would not eat meat. Walk as well.

After Dr. Xie left, Jin Ling said that Tan Jingtian had always thought about Zhang Xiaoya’s case and asked him why he was depressed? Tan Jingtian said that through Zhang Xiaoya’s case, whether his mother’s falling from the building also had other hidden reasons.

Tan Jingtian went to the place where his mother jumped off the building when he was a child and recalled the scene at that time. He drew the scene of the time in Tan Jingtian’s mind. At this moment, someone was calling for murder. Tan Jingtian rushed to the scene and an old woman grabbed a man and said He is a murderer. This man is called Song Zhiping, grandpa’s grandfather. Grandpa said Song Zhiping killed her daughter first, and now wants to kill her again.

The police told Tan Jingtian that Song Zhiping’s wife died of cerebral congestion at home. Police investigation found that It was a natural death, but the grandmother did not believe that she committed suicide repeatedly and said that Song Zhiping killed her. Every time the police took her grandmother for injury identification, but each time the grandmother harmed herself, so Song Zhiping had no choice but to ask a forensic doctor to do the injury identification.

So Tan Jingtian asked Jin Ling to give her grandma’s injury appraisal, and Jin Ling asked her grandma what murder weapon Song Zhiping used? Grandma said it was an ashtray, but Jin Ling said that the injury was caused by the knife. Grandma said Song Zhiping used a knife to kill her. This proves that grandma was framing Song Zhiping and Tan Jingtian had no choice but to take her home.

Tan Jingtian sent her grandma home and found that she was the original neighbor of their family, and her daughter’s name was Qiqi. Tan Jingtian and this auntie Chen talked about the past, but Auntie Chen said that no matter how the court said Qiqi died, it must be Song Zhiping did it. She wanted to save her old life and avenge her daughter. Aunt Chen asked Tan Jingtian to find Jin Ling to give Qiqi a new post-mortem. Qiqi’s body was kept by Aunt Chen. She pretended to be crazy all these years and wanted to find someone who could be trusted.

Forensic doctor, but Tan Jingtian persuaded Aunt Chen to accept the facts. When his mother fell down, he had the same idea as Aunt Chen, but now has passed. This makes Aunt Chen very disappointed with Tan Jingtian. Aunt Chen thinks Tan Jingtian should not give up. Because it was not an accident that Tan Jingtian’s mother fell from the building, Tian Tan Jingtian felt that things were not that simple. Aunt Chen said that Tan Jingtian’s mother was killed. Tan Jingtian asked Aunt Chen who did it? But Aunt Chen needs Tan Jingtian to help her to tell him the truth.

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