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Insect Detective 破茧 Episode 11 Recap

Tan Jingtian told the police that the mantis he was holding was called Youlingtangtang, a kind of praying mantis only found in southern my country. This praying mantis was found in Song Zhiping’s backpack. Song Zhiping must have been to Yunfang Mountain. From the mantis, there are some more. Because of the damp moisture, Song Zhiping must have just arrived home, which proves that Song Zhiping came home after Aunt Park fell. Song Zhiping saw that Tan Jingtian was an individual, and wanted Tan Jingtian to help him convince Aunt Park that he was not the murderer of Qiqi.

Song Zhiping told Tan Jingtian that Qiqi often contacted his ex-boyfriend and saw him often send Qiqi home. Until one day Qiqi knocked out their child, Song Zhiping asked her why she made a private decision without discussing it with herself. Qiqi just told him about divorce.

Wen Bai peeled an apple before Aunt Pu’s bed. The nurse and Aunt Pu said that this was the first patient she had seen Wen Bai take care of. This made Aunt Pu a little flattered. Aunt Pu asked who Wen Bai was Tan Jingtian? Wen Bai said he was a good friend, so Aunt Park said that Tan Jingtian was a poor child. Since childhood, his mother died, and his father had a car accident. At this time, Wen Bai and Aunt Park said that Tan Jingtian told him that Tan Jingtian’s mother had died, Aunt Park. Said she didn’t know whether to tell Tan Jingtian about this.

Aunt Park called Tan Jingtian and said she wanted to see him, but Tan Jingtian said it was too late and told her not to go to him for fear of danger, but Aunt Park insisted on leaving the hospital, so Wenbai prescribed some medicine to Aunt Park and called She must not drink.

Aunt Park saw Tan Jingtian and said that Tan Jingtian would rather believe a bug than what she said. She also told Tan Jingtian not to want to know the secret of his mother’s death. After that, the two of them broke off diplomatic relations.

Tan Jingtian called Wen Bai to ask about Aunt Pu’s condition. Wen Bai asked Tan Jingtian worriedly about his mother’s death. Tan Jingtian said that he did not say these things. Tan Jingtian also told Wen Bai that it was possible that Aunt Pu didn’t have any. What’s the secret, I just want to ask him to help catch Song Zhiping, so I deliberately repeated those words.

Two people hung up and Xie Tianqi went to Wen Bai and asked him why he would prescribe pain medicine for Aunt Park? Wen Bai said that Aunt Park has a habit of drinking, and this medicine will have side effects on her illness. Wen Bai said he was confused after hearing this, and he hurried out to chase the medicine back.

Sure enough, Aunt Park was drinking at home and recalling some past events. As soon as Tan Jingtian woke up and found that there was a problem with the ghost mantis he raised, he called Jin Ling and asked her to go there. Tan Jingtian and Jin Ling said that the ghost mantis on Song Zhiping was raised in captivity. That day Song Zhiping asked Tan Jingtian to go to Fupu aunt Song It was designed by Zhiping, and Song Zhiping deliberately asked Tan Jingtian to see the ghost mantis appearing on him. Song Zhiping must have not gone to Yunfang Mountain that day. Jin Ling said that Song Zhiping seemed to have done enough homework for Tan Jingtian, so Tan Jingtian and Jin Ling Decided to go to Aunt Park’s house to find out the situation again.

Aunt Park was drinking with a wine bottle in her hand, looking at the pictures of her daughter and husband on the wall, crying and said that she seemed to be unable to avenge her, so she had to go to them and picked up a knife to cut her wrists. At this time, the doorbell When it rang, Aunt Park went to open the door.

Jin Ling and Tan Jingtian were rushing to Aunt Park’s home to call Aunt Park, but Aunt Park’s cell phone was turned off. At this time, Jin Ling said that she had asked someone to check Song Zhiping’s car that she did go to Yunfang Mountain that day, but Song Zhiping’s The car was driven by his colleague. Jin Ling showed Tan Jingtian a piece of information, and Tan Jingtian discovered that Song Zhiping and him were in the same way.

Jin Ling and Tan Jingtian went to Aunt Park’s house and found that Aunt Park was in a coma. They sent Aunt Park to the hospital. The doctor said that Aunt Park had nothing serious about it, just because she lost too much blood.

Officer Li heard the district police say that Aunt Park wanted to blame Song Zhiping in this way, but the footprints of a man did appear at the scene, and homicide was not ruled out. Jin Ling applied to Captain Chen for an autopsy on Qiqi.

A man appeared in Wenbai’s office. Wenbai transferred the money to him and told him not to show up in front of him after collecting the bill, but this person said that it depends on his mood. Just after the man went out, he ran into Tan Jingtian.

Tan Jingtian went to Wen Bai’s office and told him that there were man’s footprints in Aunt Park’s room. He cannot rule out homicide. At this time, Dr. Xie asked Wen Bai to go out and said that the chief director would look for him again. On the way, Xie Tianqi asked Wen Bai if he had taken Pu Find Auntie’s medicine? Wen Bai said that he had found it, and Xie Tianqi also told Aunt Wen Baipu that she was out of danger, and that she should not feel too much pressure.

Jin Ling reported the results of the autopsy to everyone, saying that Qiqi did indeed die of cerebral hemorrhage, but Qiqi’s head had a bump, which was not obvious, but somewhat suspicious. Tan Jingtian said that he had heard of a case where it was on the head every day. If you beat the Ministry, it will cause cerebral hemorrhage. Officer Li analyzed that Song Zhiping and Qiqi had been separated, and the doors and windows had been changed, and no one could get in.

Even if it was artificial, they would have to beat for a long time. So Captain Chen called Let’s rest first and talk about it later. When Tan Jingtian went to the construction site to find a friend, he saw the vibrating hammer on the construction site, which reminded Tan Jingtian of Qiqi’s death.

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