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Insect Detective 破茧 Episode 10 Recap

Tan Jingtian called Wen Bai on the way home and told Wen Bai that he was in the community where his mother had an accident. He also told Tan Jingtian that his mother’s death was not an accident. This made Tan Jingtian feel a little scared. Wen Bai heard that Tan Jingtian knew. It seemed that his mother died unexpectedly. Maybe Tan Jingtian’s mother’s death had something to do with Wen Bai or Wen Bai’s mother. Wen Bai asked Tan Jingtian to go home and have a good rest.

Jin Ling called Tan Jingtian and asked him to apologize to herself. She found an old lady who touched porcelain and scratched herself. Tan Jingtian had to apologize to Jin Ling and told Jin Ling that the old lady would see her again. Tan Jingtian took Jin Ling to see Aunt Chen. Aunt Chen introduced Song Zhiping and his daughter to him. Song Zhiping is a PhD in mechanics. After they met, they liked Qiqi very much and treated her very well.

They knew each other for a few months. I asked Qiqi to marry him, but Qiqi and Song Zhiping were about to divorce after half a year of marriage, because Qiqi was often sent home by the company’s boss and Song Zhiping saw him, so Song Zhiping became suspicious of Qiqi, and Qiqi couldn’t bear it. So, they were about to divorce Song Zhiping, and the two kept arguing until one day Qiqi called her and said to see her mother for a few days.

Qiqi went to the hospital to see a doctor, fainted in the hospital and was rescued by the nurses, but the child in her stomach could not be kept. Qiqi insisted on divorcing Song Zhiping and separated from Song Zhiping, and Aunt Chen and Tan Jingtian said yes Qiqi believes that Song Zhiping has been designing her, causing Qiqi to always feel uneasy. It was Qiqi who told Aunt Chen that Song Zhiping was critical of her. One day Qiqi woke up and found that the cup for drinking water at night was empty and the curtains were empty. It was also on.

Qiqi suspected that Song Zhiping secretly went to her room at night. Qiqi changed the locks on the doors and windows, even her mother did not give the keys, and told Aunt Chen that if she died, Song Zhiping must have killed her. Dead, until the day of Qiqi’s father’s sacrifice, her mother called Qiqi, but she didn’t answer Aunt Chen and asked the locksmith to open the door and saw Qiqi died on the bed.

Jin Ling had seen Qiqi’s autopsy report and said that Qiqi’s report was indeed okay because she died of cerebral hemorrhage. She told Tan Jingtian and Aunt Chen to talk about it. Tan Jingtian persuaded Aunt Chen not to pursue it, so Aunt Chen and Tan Jingtian said they should be her. I didn’t even say that Tan Jingtian’s mother’s death should be considered her fart.

Tan Jingtian and Wen Bai drove together to watch a football game. Tan Jingtian talked about some bugs. Tan Jingtian told Wen Bai that he was studying the worm, which is an animal disguised as an ant. At this time, Tan Jing received a warning from Aunt Chen on his cell phone. Wen Bai heard that there was some surprise here and asked Tan Jingtian who Aunt Chen was? Tan Jingtian said that he was telling his mother that it was not Aunt Chen who died accidentally. This surprised Wen Bai and braked suddenly. Tan Jingtian said that he had installed an alarm system on Aunt Chen’s phone and would call the police whenever there was an accident, so Wen Bai had to drive with him. Go back with Tan Jingtian.

The police had arrived at the scene, but Aunt Chen had blood on her neck but did not go to the hospital. She had to threaten the police with death to pay attention to her claim that Song Zhiping was guilty. At this time, Tan Jingtian went to the scene, and Aunt Chen asked Tan Jingtian to look for it. Jin Ling helped her find the real culprit for her daughter. Before Tan Jingtian could speak, Aunt Chen fell down. The police rushed Aunt Chen to the hospital. Wen Bai acted as the attending physician for her. The CT film taken was caused by falling down the building.

It showed that there was nothing serious. Wen Bai saw Tan Jingtian and asked him if he believed Aunt Chen said that Tan Jingtian’s mother committed suicide. Tan Jingtian told Wen Bai to look at Aunt Chen’s current situation and draw a conclusion that he should not be too persistent in doing things. Wen Bai felt relieved when he heard Tan Jingtian’s words. At this time, Aunt Chen woke up and took off the oxygen mask and said that this time she did not commit suicide, but Song Zhiping wanted to kill her. Aunt Chen wanted to tell Tan Jingtian what happened.

Aunt Chen shopping for food and going home, Song Zhiping suddenly appeared and pushed Aunt Chen down the stairs. Song Zhiping looked at Aunt Chen who fell and told her that Qiqi was dead, so let her go to the soil for safety and put Aunt Chen’s phone Where Aunt Chen can’t reach, avoid her calling the police to save herself. Aunt Chen wants Tan Jingtian to help her. As long as Tan Jingtian helps her, he will tell Tan Jingtian’s mother who killed her. Wen Bai heard Aunt Chen’s words very much. Is worried.

After everyone was gone, Wen Bai went to Aunt Chen’s bed by himself and was about to take off Aunt Chen’s oxygen mask. At this time, Xie Tianqi walked behind him and told him that the deputy chief physician had come down. Wen Bai had to follow Xie. The doctor is gone.

Song Zhiping explained to the police that he received a call from Aunt Chen that day and went home quickly, but knocked on the door but no one opened. So he called Aunt Chen and heard the phone ringing downstairs. Song Zhiping saw Aunt Chen fall down. Go downstairs to send Aunt Chen to the hospital, but Aunt Chen wanted to send Song Zhiping to prison to prevent Song Zhiping from saving her, so Song Zhiping called the police, and this was what happened later.

At this time, Tan Jingtian went to the interrogation room to prove to the police that Song Zhiping did not push Aunt Chen, because Song Zhiping was not there when Aunt Chen fell, and Tan Jingtian took out a ghost praying mantis as evidence.

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