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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 16 Recap

Ding Fang couldn’t bear the repeated entanglement of the secretary of the city government. He wanted to go to the police station to report the crime. He happened to see the police officers from the First Division watching Gu Yaodong cleaning the bathhouse. His words were full of sarcasm, which was really hard to hear. Seeing this, Ding Fang turned and left. At first, the Secretariat, which she was bored with, became a good opportunity for the hero of the United States. So the next day, he took Secretary Fang to the police station to designate Gu Yaodong as her personal guard.

Since Qi Shengping received a call from the municipal government in advance, he took care of everything in the police station. He didn’t expect Ding Fang to fall into this mediocre little policeman. Even the entire second penalty department was shocked and mistakenly believed that Gu Yaodong deliberately concealed it. Be born or make friends with big people. Originally, Wang Keda wanted Yang Kui to be responsible for protecting Ding Fang’s safety, but Ding Fang insisted on looking for Gu Yaodong, and said that only Gu Yaodong can make her willing to participate in the cultural exchange meeting.

After Ding Fang left, Gu Yaodong was surrounded and discussed like a star holding the moon. Even though Zhao Zhiyong repeatedly explained the relationship between Gu Yaodong and Ding Fang, everyone still suspected that Ding Fang liked Gu Yaodong, so he would help him in various ways. . Zhao Zhiyong was interested in Ding Fang and knew that Gu Yaodong had no intention of Ding Fang, so afterwards he invited Gu Yaodong to eat noodles at his own noodle shop, and he mentioned the idea of ​​going to Moganshan at the dinner table.

Gu Yaodong was worried that Xia Jicheng would not approve it, but Zhao Zhiyong was already ready to say a word, so he taught him how to respond. Gu’s mother heard that her son was away on a business trip and hurriedly packed his luggage at home. During the period, she told him to take good care of his body and refrain from doing anything. She immediately lamented that since Shen Qinghe left, the house has been much deserted. Gu Yaodong also missed Shen Qinghe, but when he remembered the scene before leaving, he still concealed his loss.

Yang Kui refused to ride Gu Yaodong with Xing, but Ding Fang did not expect to call Gu Yaodong into the car. On the way to Moganshan, Zhao Zhiyong wanted to show himself in front of Ding Fang, so he kept chatting with Gu Yaodong about the glorious history. As a result, Ding Fang was so annoyed by him that he interrupted directly, causing the two of them. Looking at each other, dare not scream again.

The small town of Moganshan is located in the mountains. The local life is leisurely and unreliable. The vendors along the street are yelling, and it is very lively from morning to night. Shen Qinghe was ordered to meet with the liaison officer to hand over the list. However, the contact person was not seen for a long time. Instead, he saw several men cleaning the floor in the hallway of the venue building. The red color of the bucket was shocking. She immediately understood the reason and immediately called to tell Old Dong. Happening.

When the police car arrived in Mogan Mountain, it was almost dark. Wang Keda learned from the staff of the Security Bureau that a Communist Party was found yesterday. This person wanted to enter the venue. Although he was shot to death, the opponent fell into the lake. No body was found. When Wang Keda heard this, he was furious, thinking that the Secret Bureau did nothing without considering the consequences, and it was too rash to kill without finding out the information. He immediately ordered Yang Kui to send someone to investigate, and asked Captain Cai of the Secret Bureau not to intervene in this matter.

On the day of the cultural exchange meeting, Ding was lazy in bed. If it weren’t for the crowds of book fans downstairs to disturb people, he would have to sleep until sunset. In the venue building, people from various positions in the cultural field competed to discuss the current affairs of the authorities, not only on behalf of the newspapers to ask the government for explanations, to resume legal gatherings, and even to mobilize everyone to unite in solidarity against the civil war, from the standpoint of patriotic citizens, within the limits of the law China continues to work hard for the country and supports peaceful reunification. As the atmosphere of the exchange meeting grew, the important leaders of the Security Bureau and the police station focused their attention on the list, preparing to secretly execute these suspected pro-communists.

After the exchange meeting, Zhao Zhiyong set a spot in the restaurant to invite Ding Fang and Gu Yaodong. Unexpectedly, the book fans heard the news in advance and waited at the door. Gu Yaodong saw that Ding Fang did not like such occasions, and simply dragged her away, and then went to the roadside stall to eat sauerkraut noodles. The two each had a bowl of vegetarian food and no meat, but in the end they ate with relish, and Ding Fang was even more so. Looking after Gu Yaodong while eating, he was ashamed to talk.

Xingyi found the unfamiliar body by the river. According to the gunshot wound, it was inferred that it was the Communist Party that was killed by the Secret Bureau two days ago. So he landed it at night. Unexpectedly, Shao Baichen, a patriot who had been practicing morning exercises, saw it in his eyes and went to find the king. Keda’s notification of this is equivalent to a tiger’s mouth. Wang Keda promised to hand it over to the local police station for investigation, and at the same time urged Shao Baichen to refrain from making public statements, but because he was worried about rebirth, he sorted out the list of assassinations and handed it to the Bureau of Secrecy, instructing them to deal with it as soon as possible.

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