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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 15 Recap

The matter seemed to have settled down, but Wang Keda was very clear about Xia Jicheng’s personality. Regardless of the surface, he didn’t care about the predecessors, but in fact he was holding back his anger and seeking revenge. The so-called still water flowing deep is nothing more than not wanting to waste energy on Yang Kui. Xia Jicheng took Gu Yaodong to the hospital for bandaging, then sent him home, and told him in the car that he would take a few days to recover from his injuries.

Seeing that Gu Yaodong’s body was wounded, the Gu family suddenly yelled. Shen Qinghe was at a loss as he saw the scene. Because of the death order issued above, no conflict between police and civilians was allowed, so the police who maintained order were replaced by traffic police, and the carrying of batons was forbidden, and there were only useless police posts.

Shen Qinghe and Xia Jicheng met at the coffee shop as usual, and learned that the move was entirely due to the upcoming Moganshan Cultural Exchange Conference. The police committee originally wanted to transfer a group of progressive people to the liberated areas, but everyone refused to leave. They just wanted to stay in Shanghai and use the exchange meeting to speak out to pressure the government. Gu Yaodong reminded Shen Qinghe to contact local organizations in advance to prepare. After all, the government was suddenly involved. If it were not a grand gathering of a hundred schools of thought, it must be a Hongmen Banquet.

Before driving, Shen Qinghe got into the car again to ask Xia Jicheng about Gu Yaodong’s situation, especially when he heard that Gu Yaodong offended Yang Kui for truth-seeking, and even complained that Xia Jicheng did not protect him. However, emotional impulse can’t solve any problems. So after Gu Yaodong and Shen Qinghe talked heartily, they put on simple and loose work clothes the next day, and went to find Xia Jicheng. He was taken to the detention center to see a prisoner who had just been detained. Wushan.

Although this man looks fierce and vicious, he is really upright. He used to be an escort teacher and later went to a nightclub as a gatekeeper. The main reason why he was arrested was that he beat and insulted the dancing girls. Xia Jicheng asked Ma Wushan to teach Gu Yaodong boxing skills on the condition of applying for a release order, so in the next few days, Gu Yaodong would often go to the detention center to learn how to catch with Ma Wushan. He was so obsessed that he would use several tricks even when he went to work, resulting in second sentence. Everyone almost thought he was beaten stupid.

Gu Yaodong made rapid progress, and at the same time suggested that Xia Jicheng should follow along. The seemingly simple and caring remarks are really ridiculous. Xia Jicheng took the initiative to take Gu Yaodong to the shooting range, taught him how to use guns, and even showed his strength in front of him. As a result, his strength was shocked, and three bullets missed the target. The rest were too far away, regardless of performance.

Old Dong reported the situation of the cultural exchange meeting to the organization, and then made a list and handed it over to Xia Jicheng. The people on the list are leaders in the cultural world and are the mainstays of the anti-civil war. If the national army is black in the Mogan Mountains, it must be These people must bear the brunt. Wang Keda arranged for Yang Kui to accompany him to Mount Mogan. On the face of it, he was responsible for protecting safety, but it was self-evident who could return unharmed.

The hospital interview has been published on the front page of the newspaper, and the Second Xing Division will temporarily conceal it, worrying that it will add to Gu Yaodong. Unexpectedly, there was an uproar in the alleys of Fu’an. Not only was Gu Yaodong rejected by Yang Yixue’s son again, but even the neighbourhoods also verbally abused him, especially when the radio broadcasted dialogues that had been edited and edited. There was no one except Gu’s family. I believe Gu Yaodong.

Just as a family of four was going home from annoyance, she happened to see Shen Qinghe walking out with the suitcase. Even though Shen Qinghe lied about going out to do business, Gu Yaodong still noticed the abnormality. Coupled with the farewell message in her words, he felt uneasy and hurriedly seized the door to chase him and offered to help her complete the task.

Shen Qinghe didn’t want Gu Yaodong to commit dangers personally, and simply refused, and even drew a clear relationship with him. Gu Yaodong could hardly conceal his loss when he heard that, not knowing that Shen Qinghe was right and wrong, so he said that he would keep the pavilion forever waiting for her to return, and then turned and left. Xia Jicheng handed over the pass and permit to Shen Qinghe, and made a few more instructions, and frankly said that even without Gu Yaodong, there would be no way to prevent him from leaving Shanghai, so he hoped that Shen Qinghe would accept this new partner because the organization’s assessment of Gu Yaodong was very Results will come out soon.

The internal affairs bureau invited Ding Fang to participate in the cultural exchange meeting to no avail, and could only think of another way. Seeing Gu Yaodong in a trance, the people in the Second Penalty Division mistakenly believed that he was affected by the report, so they reformed to give comfort. Xia Jicheng knew the reason, and immediately handed over the cleaning of the bathhouse to Gu Yaodong, trying to distract him and relieve his mood.

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