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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 14 Recap

The hospital was overcrowded. Ordinary people could only lie on the promenade and on the ground when they were injured, but Gu Yaodong and Zhao Zhiyong could live in a single room in the ward, enjoying the care of nurses. Since Gu Yaodong’s medical clothes button was loosened, but he could not sew himself, he could only go to the window to ask for needles and thread, but he was out of tune with the people who were anxiously lining up to get the medicine.

Just as Zhao Zhiyong was feeling that others had family members to visit, how unexpectedly Xia Jicheng pushed in. Although he was not the girlfriend of his dreams, he was also an individual. Xia Jicheng comforted Gu Yaodong’s emotions and urged him to correct his position, and then forwarded the collection of essays sent by his teacher Lu Chi to Gu Yaodong. On the surface, he falsely claimed that the gifts he bought by the way were actually a disguised inheritance responsibility.

After coming out of the hospital, Xia Jicheng and Shen Qinghe met in a coffee shop. The two briefly recounted the past. Then Shen Qinghe talked about his inner worries, and inferred that he might have been exposed based on Gu Yaodong’s recent abnormal signs. However, after Xia Jicheng listened to Shen Qinghe’s description, he said very frankly that Gu Yaodong liked her, so he asked Shen Qinghe to visit her with the cake. Shen Qinghe felt a little depressed when he saw that he cared about Gu Yaodong so much. He simply added thirty chestnut cakes to Xia Jicheng’s bill before leaving, and retaliated fiercely.

After Shen Qinghe sat on the roadside bench and finished all the cakes, he came to the Tongren Hospital to visit after all, and spent money to buy a tray of buns and tea eggs. But before that, Ding Fang entrusted Gu Yaodong with a lot of delicacies and delicacies. In contrast, Gu Yaodong preferred the food sent by Shen Qinghe. Zhao Zhiyong could not hide his gossip heart. From this, he noticed Gu Yaodong’s feelings for Shen Qinghe, so he said something. wake.

The recent trend of demonstrations in Shanghai has been out of control, coupled with the previous police and civilian problems, causing Director Duan to get angry. The front pages of major newspapers carry out relevant propaganda, and all government departments have received joint petitions demanding severe punishment of the perpetrators.

The Security Bureau dispatched Deputy Director Tian of the Police Headquarters of the Executive Yuan to come to communicate, ordering the Police Headquarters and the Security Bureau to quell the rebellion as soon as possible, and calmly remove obstacles, especially with the upcoming cultural exchange meeting in Moganshan. related.

Gu Yuexi came to deliver dim sum and food to Gu Yaodong and asked when Gu Yaodong would go home, but she didn’t know that Gu Yaodong would also participate in the interview. Yang Kui sent a copy of the manuscript and ordered Gu Yaodong to repeat it in accordance with the content of the manuscript, not to be extravagant. Zhao Zhiyong persuaded Gu Yaodong not to make a big mistake because of small mistakes, besides, Wang Keda had already greeted the reporter in advance and only had to go through the scene.

Unexpectedly, on the day of the interview, Gu Yaodong did not cooperate truthfully. Instead, he clarified the truth realistically. Everyone present was shocked. Wang Keda was even more embarrassed, explaining that Yang Kui would use special methods to deal with people like Gu Yaodong. After the first place to be sentenced left, all the police officers from the second place sighed in the ward, fearing that they would suffer from offending Wang Keda.

In the Pujiang Hotel, Qi Shengping held a banquet to convene the crowd, first introduced them to Deputy Chief of Internal Affairs of the Executive Yuan, Li, and then began to discuss the Moganshan meeting. The Executive Yuan decided to let the Shanghai Police Department send personnel to take charge of the safety of cultural figures in Shanghai. The main task of Vice Minister Li’s visit to Shanghai was to implement the list. The government hopes that all the people on the list can attend.

Zhao Zhiyong and Gu Yaodong returned to the police station. As a result, Gu Yaodong was taken to the bathhouse by torture, and Yang Kui beat him repeatedly. Zhao Zhiyong panicked and ran to two places to rescue the soldiers, but Police Officer Liu led someone to guard the door in advance, and the two parties could not argue with each other, so they started directly.

As the scene fell into chaos, Zhao Zhiyong hurried to find Xia Jicheng, and it happened that Xia Jicheng, Wang Keda and Qi Shengping returned by car. Zhao Zhiyong was so anxious that he almost burst into tears, begging Xia Jicheng to rescue Gu Yaodong, so the two chiefs went to the bathhouse in person and saw the domineering Yang Kui and the scarred Gu Yaodong who almost collapsed to the ground.

Seeing this situation, the officers of the Second Penalty Division were very angry. Xia Jicheng endured his emotions and asked the reason very calmly. Yang Kui first explained that he was learning martial arts. Gu Yaodong did not deny that everyone had to leave the bathhouse first.

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