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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 13 Recap

Since Shen Qinghe had not returned home near midnight, Gu Yaodong was a little worried, and simply stood at the door and looked around. Because of the lesson last time, Gu Yaodong put on a bed sheet and raised a mugwort stick to repel mosquitoes. Finally he saw Shen Qinghe coming from the alley, so he didn’t say the first half of the sentence, and immediately ran back to the room in a panic until he heard his footsteps. The sound came closer and closer, confirming that the other party had arrived safely, so he lay on the bed completely at ease.

The parade is still going on. The current situation is extremely chaotic. Some students mistake Gu Yaodong as a peer. It can be seen that his face changed drastically with his arm in the police uniform. Shen Qinghe rushed to make a rescue at a critical moment, and directly dragged Gu Yaodong to the corner of the uninhabited street, and then reminded him not to pester himself in the future. They have different paths, but Gu Yaodong believes that although the paths are different, the beliefs are the same.

As the civil war between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party intensified and the price of rice in the grain market soared, the Hongfeng Rice Store was emptied by the people every day, and the supply of materials was basically in short supply. Old Dong gave Shen Qinghe the latest task and asked her to notify the contact line to send away two underground branch comrades, namely Guo Minyi, the editor-in-chief of the “Lianhe Evening News” and Li Qianzhao, the deputy editor-in-chief.

According to reason, it should not have been so exposed, mainly because the two men organized protests in the newspaper, so the police committee learned through intelligence that the police station and the gendarmerie wanted to carry out secret arrests. Shen Qinghe believes that during the current war, he is very puzzled about why Xia Jicheng should go to Nanjing with Qi Shengping and Wang Keda to report on his work, but Lao Dong said that this trip is necessary.

Some time ago, Tsinghua University issued the “Declaration on Strike Against Hunger and Anti-Civil War”. As a result, the Kuomintang actually came up with the “Interim Measures for Maintaining Social Order” to ban more than ten people from marching. However, it was opposed by the people across the country. After Qi Shengping left, Yang Kui acted as a domineering blessing in the First Division, instructing the Second Division to maintain order and stop the students from making trouble.

Gu Yaodong simply believed that the mission was to use the horn, but he was asked to carry a baton and shield. Due to the large number of students at the scene, Gu Yaodong was caught in it and fell to the ground. Originally, Ding Fang was going to publish a social manuscript, and he happened to meet Gu Yaodong. At this time, the prisoner violently expelled the students. Gu Yaodong stood in the middle of the road and whistled fiercely to prevent everyone from being injured. However, the noise completely overwhelmed the whistle. Escape quickly, causing innocent people to suffer.

Unlike the turmoil in the city center, Fu’an Nong was slightly clean, with occasional gunshots coming, but it did not bother Yang Yixue sweeping the floor and Ren Bo looked for the cat. Gu Yaodong went home and met Accountant Yang’s son, who happened to be a student in the parade, so he treated him extremely badly and spat in person. The once-beautiful policeman has become the street mouse nowadays. Everyone spurned it. The Gu family’s parents bothered their sons and couldn’t help feeling that his son should be a lawyer.

Regardless of his own danger, Shen Qinghe alone covered Li Qianzhao’s departure. Gu Yaodong was distraught, and simply went out to search, just to find Shen Qinghe’s figure, and subconsciously chased after him. Unexpectedly, Shen Qinghe treated Gu Yaodong as a military policeman, and kept going around in circles until he met the patrolling police of the Huangpu branch.

Facing the police’s cross-examination, Shen Qinghe forced a calm explanation. However, the other party insisted on conducting a body search. Gu Yaodong stood in front of him in time, frightened him as the headquarter, and finally succeeded in protecting Shen Qinghe. However, Gu Yaodong was annoyed by her risk of acting and couldn’t help but complain. Shen Qinghe returned to the room after expressing his gratitude, and finally heaved a sigh of relief, and removed the clothes that blocked the gunshot wound to the abdomen.

After arriving in Nanjing, Wang Keda invited Xia Jicheng to have a dinner with his old friends, but Xia Jicheng refused to buy a gift for the wife of the deputy director, and then went to Fuxingjifang to meet with the Nanjing Underground Municipal Committee and successfully met the supervision of the Ministry of Defense of the Nanjing Government Public Prosecutor Hu Zhongqi. Xia Jicheng has heard of Hu Zhongqi’s name for a long time, and today I am excited to see that. Hu Zhongqi also knows that Xia Jicheng is the most respected student of General Lu Chi. He has been praised for him until now, so he brought the collection of Schiller’s works that Lu Chi told him. Then began to discuss the next planned deployment.

In the train carriage back to Shanghai, Qi Shengping heard that 600,000 students had a demonstration with the Communist Party and planned to carry out some actions to suppress it, but he could not make the city full of storms. At the same time, Yang Kui took the opportunity to push Gu Yaodong out of the crowd with Police Officer Liu, causing a great chaos among the police and civilians. With the firing of empty guns, the students mistakenly thought that the police had attacked the police and exploded the pot.

Due to the intense emotions, the crowd rushed into the defensive line, and the originally neat streets were full of blood and verbal abuse. Zhao Zhiyong was injured and brutally beaten by students. Gu Yaodong was also hit by a club to protect Zhao Zhiyong.

Dozens of students were detained in the police station. Xingyi wanted to shirk responsibility. Xia Jicheng took the initiative to reprimand Captain Li and accused Sang Huai of insincere Yang Kui’s leapfrog operation. Fortunately, Zhao Zhiyong and Gu Yaodong are not seriously injured. They can leave with a simple dressing in the hospital. However, the hospital suddenly received a notice from their superiors and decided to let them live in the hospital in order to increase their credibility.

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