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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 22 Recap

Wang Ye came to the warehouse and robbed a large amount of goods in advance, all of which were replaced with defective products, which not only caused a large number of customers to return the goods, but also seriously damaged the reputation of Li Group. A bunch of customers rushed to the Li family to make a fuss. Tang Guoer, who was flustered, didn’t know how to deal with it, so she could only ask Secretary Wu for help, and Secretary Wu asked Tang Guoer to share her worries for her mother and stabilize the customer.

Here Li Manli, Ming Yuan, and Wang Ye came to the factory to inspect the goods. Li Manli accused the production manager of negligence, while the manager argued that someone had compromised the genuine product. Wang Ye was unreasonable and strong. He even dared to accuse the manager of shirking responsibility and slandering him and Li Manli. Mingyuan, who couldn’t stand it, had to stand up for the manager.

The customer entangled Li Manli to return the product, but Li Manli calmly satirized the customer for losing his demeanor for a few defective products. An annoyed customer said that all they received were defective products. Li Manli responded grandiosely that they would be returned within three days. Genuine, Wang Ye was happy to hear it.

Li Manli walked into the elevator and found Tang Guoer squatting in the corner. The frightened Tang Guoer hugged Li Manli and cried, but Li Manli pushed Tang Guoer away and reprimanded Tang Guoer for being an executive. Tang Guoer flees in a hurry when he flees.

Li Manli understood that she would not be able to make up the goods within three days. She decided to refund the customer. However, all the company’s funds were spent on the purchase of equipment and there was no money at all. Li Manli had to turn to Zhao Lange for help. Unexpectedly, Zhao Lange was unwilling to borrow money and returned the pot to shareholders. Zhao Lange, who succeeded in trickery, smiled brightly.

Li Manli declared at the new product launch conference that Mingyuan was the person in charge of this new product, trying to force Zhao Lange to help her out of the funding siege, but Zhao Lange was late to come. A reporter revealed at the meeting that Mingyuan was only the adopted son of Zhao Lange, which surprised everyone present. Li Manli tried to block the reporter’s mouth. Unexpectedly, Zhao Lange ignored Li Manli’s obstruction and not only blew himself up as Mingyuan’s adoptive father, Mingyuan had no inheritance rights, and his tragic experience with Mingyuan. He also said that the new product had nothing to do with him. Will clean up the mess for Lee.

Li Manli condemned Zhao Lange for concealing the true identity of Mingyuan’s adopted son. Zhao Lange asked where to go to the company’s rooftop and looked at the people in the square asking for refunds. He talked about Li Manli’s persecution of Yunqing, and how he tried so hard to bring it down. Li Manli. Li Manli suddenly fantasized that Yunqing waved to her again, spreading over the railing and almost fell downstairs, but Tang Guoer grabbed Li Manli.

Ming Yuan told Li’s mother and daughter that they were the sons of the couple who committed suicide by burning charcoal in the refurbishment incident, and that Li Manli had separated their siblings and brothers, and they were in pain, but Li Manli was still arguing for herself and refused to admit her death. Tang Guoer, who learned of Mingyuan’s parents, also despaired of Li Manli completely.

As soon as he came back every day, he learned from the news that Mingyuan was not the biological son of Zhao Lange. He was very worried that Tang Guoer would collapse because of this, so he hurried to Tang Guoer’s house. Tang Guoer also thought of her, Tiantian and Mingyuan’s entangled emotional fetters, swallowing sleeping pills, intending to commit suicide.

Tang Guoer locked herself in the room, and she hadn’t eaten or drink for several days, but she shouldn’t even ask the nanny. At this time, he rushed to Li’s house every day. After understanding the situation, he was worried that Tang Guoer wanted to commit suicide. He had to slam open the door and found that Tang Guoer had fainted after taking sleeping pills and rushed to the hospital. Fortunately, the timely gastric lavage freed Tang Guoer from the danger to her life, but she was still in a coma.

Every day, Mingyuan’s family slapped her and questioned him and Zhao Lange’s embarrassment and hurt Tang Guoer. The guilty Mingyuan apologized for his fault and confided his tragic history of being ruined by Li Manli. However, Tiantian, who unconditionally believed in Li Manli, blindly defended Li Manli, and also condemned Ming Yuan for causing innocent people. Ming Yuan confessed that Zhao Lange used his sister’s safety and threatened him to help her plot against Li, and the grievances between Li Manli and Zhao Lange’s family. Tiantian found out that he had been deceived by Li Manli for more than twenty years.

Every day, he took Mingyuan to apologize to Tang Guoer. Tang Guoer hoped that they could start again, but Mingyuan said that they would never be possible anymore. He could not stay with the enemy’s daughter for a lifetime. Tang Guoer lowered her posture, begging Ming Yuan not to leave him, but Ming Yuan pushed Tang Guoer away.

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