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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 21 Recap

Tiantian learned from Wang Ye that Tang Guoer had sold her manuscript, but he still refused to face the reality. In time, Wang Ye said that Tang Guoer had become crazy for Mingyuan. So, every day, Tang Guoer asked Tang Guoer to reminisce about the old days in his childhood park. Tang Guoer confessed what he had done and told Tian Tian Mingyuan and her that they decided to sell the Guoer brand.

Tian Tian tried his best to dissuade him. Unexpectedly, Tang Guoer was determined to sell the Guoer brand. She wanted to use this to force Tian Tian to leave Li. By the way, Tian Tian’s shadow designer contract was cancelled and Tian Tian was free. Tian Tian said that she would voluntarily resign, but She begged Tang Guoer to return her father’s design drawings, and Tang Guoer agreed with one bite.

Wang Ye accompanies Tiantian to leave. Tian Tian shows her father’s design drawings to Wang Ye, and tells Wang Ye that her father is a designer. He also died in the fire at the Yunqing garment factory, and he wanted to complete his father’s unfinished business. the design of. Wang Ye thinks that release is very suitable as the theme of this work, and Tian Tian also thinks it is good.

Tang Guoer told Li Manli what she had done to Tiantian. Li Manli was so angry that Li Manli gritted her teeth. Tang Guoer thought that Li was not as capable as Tiantian, and she would also start learning design for Mingyuan. Li Manli laughed at her naively, not only Tang Guoer cried angrily if she didn’t hand over the shadow contract and asked her to get Tiantian back.

Mingyuan tried to persuade Li Manli to agree to sell Guoer, but was strongly opposed. Zhao Lange laughed happily when he learned that Mingyuan wanted to bring down Li’s, and agreed happily. Tang Guoer took out the registration certificate and told Mingyuan that the brand was registered in her name, and that Guoer brand could be sold as long as she signed it.

Mingyuan intends to borrow money to buy the Guoer brand, because he hopes that Tang Guoer can continue to live a happy life after Li Manli is defeated, so he flies to London alone to sell the Guoer brand in order to prevent Tang Guoer from discovering it. Unexpectedly, I would go back to my alma mater in London to visit my mentor every day, looking for design inspiration by the way. More coincidentally, they both live on the same floor of the same hotel.

Tang Guoer wanted to give Mingyuan a surprise, so he secretly came to London, but Tang Guoer opened the room every day. She mistakenly thought that Tian Tian came to London to seduce her man, and accused Tian Tian of being vile and vicious. She was confused and didn’t know how to explain it. She didn’t know Ming Yuan was here.

Tang Guoer angrily knocked on Mingyuan’s room, and loudly rebuked him for betraying himself, and tried every possible means to meet Tiantian privately. He didn’t know that Mingyuan also came to London every day. Mingyuan was equally confused and hurriedly explained, but Tang Guo Er didn’t listen to the explanation, and then humiliated Tiantian for pretending to be innocent, but behind his back he was doing the activities of male thief and female prostitution, so angry that Tang Guoer slapped her every day, shocked Tang Guoer cried and ran away.

Mingyuan asked a friend to help find Tang Guoer, while he went to the streets with Tian Tian to find it. However, Tang Guoer was kidnapped and raped by a strange man. After that, Tang Guoer was taken back to the police station by the police, and finally returned to Mingyuan, crying.

After Mingyuan sold the Guoer brand, Li Manli accused Tang Guoer of being a gangster with Ming Yuan. Zhao Lange persuaded Li Manli to make greater achievements and strongly supported her. Colleagues also talked about the matter. Wang Ye also came to join in and asked the same about how Li Manli changed Lu’s clothing into Li’s clothing. The two chatted and transferred to Li Manli without a husband but with children. The marriage relationship has gone up.

Wang Ye wrote Li Manli’s private life as a post on the Internet, and the whole Li family was shocked. Li Manli took a group photo of her and Tang Guoer and his wife’s common father Ming Yang to recall the past, and complained that Ming Yang did not give her a name, causing Tang Guoer to be criticized as an illegitimate daughter.

After seeing the post, Tang Guoer angrily asked Li Manli to drive away Wang Ye. However, Li Manli confessed that Li Manli lost his arms every day and could only rely on Zhao’s funds and technology. If Wang Ye sent by Zhaolange was driven away, It would affect Li’s future, so he did not agree.

Tang Guoer begged Li Manli to tell her who her biological father was, but Li Manli angrily lied that her husband was killed at sea while studying abroad. Wang Ye wanted to take the opportunity to humiliate Li Manli, but Li Manli didn’t expect Li Manli to care, and Wang Ye was speechless.

After the efforts of the design department, Li’s new product Arthur’s launch conference will soon be held, and this time the pre-sale orders surged, Li Manli was in a good mood.

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