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You Are So Sweet 你听起来很甜 Episode 9 Recap

Gu Chenyu smiled and asked Xia Xiaoning if the person you were talking about was me. He also showed his intention. Before finishing talking, Xia Xiaoning stood up and shouted at Gu Chenyu, saying that Gu Chenyu was a big liar for deceiving her feelings, and he gave him a gift. They took it away together, and Gu Chenyu sat blankly in his seat at a loss.

Xia Xiaoning ran out of the cafe, not knowing whether he was laughing or crying, and then silently calculated the stupid things he had done before, and he couldn’t figure out what he had done before. While swimming, Gu Chenyu wondered why Xia Xiaoning became angry.

He was very thankful that what Xia Xiaoning liked was that Gu Chenyu was not silent. Xia Xiaoning was also entangled. It turned out that Gu Chenyu thought she was taking pictures of him secretly, and even took out the phone to read the message he had previously sent to Mobuyu.

The two in the company were very embarrassed the next day. Gu Chenyu took out the leaves he had collected before and placed it on the table, and called Xia Xiaoning in. Xia Xiaoning said that he had nothing to talk about except for work. Gu Chenyu said that we would talk about work. Xiaoning reported to President Gu and started reporting to him.

At this time, President Gu raised the mounted leaves to signal Xia Xiaoning, but Xia Xiaoning remained indifferent and kept reporting on his work. Gu Chenyu couldn’t insert a word. In the evening, Yanran and Xie Fei had tea together. They satirized each other and couldn’t catch the person they liked. After Xie Fei offered to help each other, Yan Ran said she would think about it.

Gu Chenyu in the office typed an apology to Xia Xiaoning, who was in front of the photocopier, and asked her to go to Nanhu Park tomorrow morning to formally apologize to her. Gu Chenyu was entangled at home about which one to wear, but Xia Xiaoning was entangled whether to go tomorrow, but Xia Xiaoning couldn’t say to go, but went the next day. On the road in the park, Gu Chenyu thoughtfully wrote a pointing sign.

At this moment, the silent voice sounded. It turned out that Gu Chenyu was in the monitoring room watching Xia Xiaoning’s voice giving her directions. Gu Chenyu released a bunch of yellow roses and many signed photos of Mobuyu, and apologized affectionately to Xiao Ning with his voice, and gave him a recording bear so that Xiao Ning could record all the words he wanted to scold him.

Xiao Ning still forgave Gu Chenyu. Gu Chenyu explained to Xiaoning why he kept hiding his identity, and also showed Xia Xiaoning that he likes her. Xia Xiaoning also said that he likes him too. Both of them expressed their wishes to each other. Xia Xiaoning also told Gu Chenyu on the way back. Expressing that she still can’t fully believe these things, the two went boating on the lake and dated, but they didn’t know that they had been secretly taken pictures. Then I went to dinner together.

They came to the restaurant Xia Xiaoning had always wanted to visit and ordered the dishes Xia Xiaoning wanted to eat. It turned out that Gu Chenyu discovered Xia Xiaoning’s Weibo. Xia Xiaoning demonstrated the same way to show Gu Chenyu how to drink the drink. The ice cubes that he drank accidentally got iced, and Gu Chenyu then kissed Xia Xiaoning as if it was freezing. In the evening, they said good night to each other, and they both dressed up the next day before going out.

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