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You Are So Sweet 你听起来很甜 Episode 8 Recap

When Xia Xiaoning woke up, the nurse told her that she was hospitalized with a fever. Her boyfriend stayed here for the night. He answered the phone and left this morning and bought breakfast for Xia Xiaoning. In the company, Gu Chenyu sat in his seat and looked at Yanran and Luo Li who came in with a serious face. Gu Chenyu asked about sending Xia Xiaoning to deliver the documents yesterday.

Yanran and Luo Li were just as discussed, and their answers were reasonable, Gu Chenyu Then he asked why Xia Xiaoning was locked in the factory, and they pushed all the errors to the docking person. Yan Ran also echoed Gu Chenyu’s manner and told Luo Li to send Luo Li away. But Gu Chenyu stopped Luo Li and began to question her. Yan Ran took the responsibility to her, but Gu Chenyu still did not let go. At this time, Gu Chenyu Yan Ran called Luo Li and left.

At this time, a woman broke into the company and came to her surname Gu with bad words. Xiaoning happened to meet Yanran and the others. Yanran used a color to let Luo Li take Xia Xiaoning away, and she comforted the emotional woman and took it elsewhere. . Luo Li apologized to Xiao Ning and said that she didn’t mean it, so she had to give Xiao Ning a favor.

She also said that she has seen a lot of these women who have been played by Mr. Gu with Yanran in recent years, and that Yanran has to deal with it, because Yanran is not worth it, and she also said who has dealt with those women all these years. Who will stay with Mr. Gu in the end, persuade Xiaoning to think about it.

In the office, Gu Chenyu’s brother Gu Xiyuan said that he really didn’t have any thoughts in that regard. It was the woman who was self-righteous. Gu Chenyu also asked his brother not to run to his company if he caused trouble all the time. Yanran calmed down the woman who came to Gu Chenyu and said that she would have lunch with Gu Xiyuan, and she also asked Gu Chenyu to have lunch, but Gu Chenyu refused. Xie Fei came to Xiao Ning again with flowers and skin care products, and asked them about what happened last night.

Xie Fei saw that Xiao Ning was unhappy and thought it was because she was sad for not participating in the audition yesterday, but Xiao Ning said it was her own reason. She didn’t want others to give her a shortcut, and Xie Fei left sadly. When Gu Chenyu saw Xiao Ning’s sadness, he used his Weibo private message to tell Xiao Ning that he had already recorded the sound.

Sure enough, Xiao Ning was excited when he saw the news. Xiao Ning was excited to report, and Mr. Gu asked Xiao Ning to also write a feedback report. Both of them were very happy. After that, the two of them were still talking happily on Weibo about the matter of Wangchuan Haixuan.

Xie Fei came to the bar to drink to relieve his boredom, and talked with the bar owner. In the office, Xiaoning listened to the voice of Mobuyu intoxicated, and sent feedback to Mobuyu. Gu Chenyu was confident that Xiaoning went home from get off work, but Xiaoning refused him. Xie Fei was drunk talking nonsense in the bar.

The bar owner was about to carry Xie Fei back, and just when he met Jin Yao who had arrived at the bar, Jin Yao took the task of sending Xie Fei home. Jin Yao sat on his side and looked at Xie Fei happily, and asked what happened to Xie Fei’s true destiny. Xie Fei was so drunk that she said. After returning home, Jin Yao told Xiao Ning the matter. Gu Chenyu came to the bar where Xie Fei had just visited.

The bar owner said that Xie Fei was drunk and had just sent home. Gu Chenyu told the bar owner about Xia Xiaoning. The bar owner said that the idol Xia Xiaoning likes is not Gu Chenyu himself, he Persuade him to let Xia Xiaoning know that they are the same person.

On the second day of the meeting, they listened to Mobuyu’s audition together, and they all expressed their satisfaction. Gu Chenyu asked Xia Xiaoning to face Mobuyu. Xia Xiaoning thought about how to make an appointment with Mobuyu in front of the computer, and finally edited the message and sent it out. Mobuyu then agreed.

When it was finally time for the two to meet, Xia Xiaoning was very excited to give out the gift she prepared. Mobuyu also said that she had read all the private messages sent by Xia Xiaoning on Weibo, and thanked her for sharing her feelings and life. Just ask Xia Xiaoning, do you really like me?

Xia Xiaoning hurriedly denied that she did not like men and women to Mo University, saying that she has someone she likes. Xia Xiaoning also said that she likes people they are separated by thousands of mountains and rivers through a piece of glass. Xia Xiaoning said without words. Took off his sunglasses.

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