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You Are So Sweet 你听起来很甜 Episode 7 Recap

After Xia Xiaoning carefully arranged her appearance outside the door, knocked on the door and no one should go in. When the contract was signed, but the person was not there, Gu Chenyu came in at this time and pretended to meet Xia Xiaoning for dinner. Come and do something nearby.

Then they ate together Gu Chenyu wanted to lower the status of Mo Silent in Xia Xiaoning’s heart. Xie Fei sang while drinking red wine, looking at his figure in the mirror, thinking that he was no better than an internet celebrity idol who dared not show his face.

The next day Gu Chenyu and Xie Fei both waited for Zaixia Xiaoning to go to work at the door of Xia Xiaoning’s house. She refused the invitation of the two bosses. Gu Chenyu satirized Xie Fei for not being so active at work, and the two laughed at each other.

Xia Xiaoning got on the bus and saw Xie Wuchang on his mobile phone reposting his Weibo about participating in the Wangchuan sea election, and then the comments exploded. Xia Xiaoning felt that she must have gotten up in a wrong posture and continued to sleep.

In the meeting room, they were discussing Xie Wuchang’s reposting Xia Xiaoning’s Weibo. They felt that Xie Wuchang wanted to cooperate with Wangchuan. Xie Fei took the opportunity to let Xia Xiaoning be responsible for matching Xia Xiaoning. Gu Chenyu refused on the grounds that Xia Xiaoning’s work was saturated.

They also asked In response to Xia Xiaoning’s opinion, Xia Xiaoning said that she did not know Xie Wuchang very well, so she did not dare to rush into the match. Yanran promptly interrupted their dispute over Xia Xiaoning’s work arrangements. Yaoyao took care of the cactus at home, but she accidentally punctured her hand. She casually said that this was an ominous omen, and something might happen today.

In the recording studio, Xia Xiaoning and Yating were practicing their lines. Yating said that she wanted Xiaoning to be interviewed after her so that she would feel at ease seeing Xiaoning.

At this time, Yanran’s subordinate, Luo Li, said that she had a confidential document to be sent to the Nancheng branch immediately. Xia Xiaoning couldn’t shirk it, so she had to take the document and hurried away. The branch leader was not there, and the leader was still on the phone. He said he was in the factory and asked Xiao Ning to rush to the factory, but Xiao Ning entered the factory but there was no one.

At this time, the door of the factory was slowly closing, but Xiao Ning could not get out. She hurriedly called, and finally received a call from Sister Luo Li, but she hung up before Xiao Ning could finish speaking, and Xiao Ning was about to cry in a hurry.

It was raining heavily in the evening, and the door of the factory finally opened. Xiao Ning ran out without an umbrella. He couldn’t get a taxi on the side of the road when it was raining. Gu Chenyu’s phone came in, and Xia Xiaoning probably told After his position, Gu Chenyu braved the typhoon to pick up Xia Xiaoning. Gu Chenyu turned the air conditioner in the car to the highest level, while telling Xia Xiaoning not to pick up the work that was stuffed for her by others, Xia Xiaoning tilted his head and fell asleep. Gu Chenyu looked feverish.

Yaoyao, who was at home, was worried that Xiao Ning was not going home yet, but she turned off her cell phone. She ran and knocked on Mr. Gu’s door. There was no response. She went to knock on Xie Fei’s door. Xie Fei was actually at home. They both guessed that they were both. Why did you go? At this time, President Gu was sitting next to Xiaoning’s bed in the ward, and a phone call came. Gu Chenyu confessed that Xiaoning had a fever. Yaoyao and Xie Fei hung up the phone when they were still grabbing their phones.

Gu Chenyu watched Xia Xiaoning, who was sleeping, fell into their previous memories. Before Xia Xiaoning’s family had changed, he listened to the stories of Mobuyu every day and was slowly healed. Thinking about it, he turned on the phone and read it. At this moment, Xiao Ning’s hand shook slightly. Gu Chenyu held her hand in one hand, and touched her head with the other hand, and kissed it.

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