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You Are So Sweet 你听起来很甜 Episode 6 Recap

Xia Xiaoning calmed down and opened his eyes and saw a person wearing a mask approaching her. He thought it was Mobuyu and quickly got up to say hello, but found that it was not.

At this time, Mobuyu, who walked to the door, saw Xie Fei using a book to cover her peeping, and then sent a message to Xia Xiaoning saying that there was no way to pass today. Xie Fei came over and said to Xia Xiaoning, don’t wait, don’t talk about credit, just stop black, and said that he would help Xia Xiaoning teach Mobuyu and then sent a private message to Mobuyu.

As they walked out, Xie Fei said they would invite Xia Xiaoning to dinner, but Gu Chenyu parked the car in front of the two of them and told Xia Xiaoning that there was a job for her to get in the car, so he took Xia Xiaoning away.

They came to the recording studio that Gu Chenyu used in the early days and said they would take Xia Xiaoning to familiarize themselves with the studio equipment. Gu Chenyu watched Xia Xiaoning debug the equipment with great interest and taught Xia Xiaoning how to use it. In the evening, Xia Xiaoning was very nervous, repeatedly confirming the content of docking with Mobuyu, and got on the phone with excitement.

After hearing Mobuyu’s voice, he was excited for a long time before answering him. They carefully matched the work content and hung up the phone. Xia Xiaoning was dancing excitedly again.

The next day, Xia Xiaoning was full of energy and went to work to report to Gu Chenyu yesterday’s content with Mobuyu. At the meeting, Yanran expressed her dissatisfaction with Mobuyu only docking with Xia Xiaoning. Xie Fei said that she would hand over Mobuyu for Xiaoning.

However, Gu Chenyu decided on the spot to rent the recording studio alone to Mobuyu and asked Xie Fei to contact the male number two Xie Wuchang. Xie Fei couldn’t resist but could only agree, and Gu Chenyu said that other roles would also be selected through audition. .

After the meeting, Yan Ran went to Gu Chenyu to express his opposition to the audition and to invite Xie Wuchang, but in the end Gu Chenyu had the final say. After that, Yanran was discussing the unreliable audition with others, and said that Xia Xiaoning wanted to take a shortcut.

Xia Xiaoning asked Xie Fei to chat alone, or she apologized for the first time before. Xia Xiaoning thought Xie Fei’s confession was revenge against him. Xie Fei became speechless when she knew it, and accepted her apology. In the evening Xie Fei and Gu Chenyu looked at each other and drank red wine.

Xie Fei was still discussing with Gu Chenyu about inviting Xie Wuchang, and made many requests. When Gu Chenyu responded to Xia Xiaoning’s message, he didn’t listen carefully to Xie Fei’s speech, and then drove Xie Fei away and continued to work with Xia Xiaoning as Mobuyu.

Xia Xiaoning exaggerated to Gu Chenyu and Mo Buyu, which made Gu Chenyu very happy and said that he would give Xia Xiaoning fans benefits. So Xia Xiaoning asked Mo Dah about his expertise in dubbing, and they were very happy after the call. The next day Xia Xiaoning participated in the audition.

Xie Fei’s assistant, Team Leader Wang, also sent Xia Xiaoning to buy overtime meals, but Xie Fei came to the rescue in time. After get off work, Xie Fei came to meet Xia Xiaoning for dinner. Gu Chenyu stopped them on the grounds of Mobuyu’s contract. In the end, Xia Xiaoning was going to see Mobuyu.

Xie Fei was very sad. He also told Gu Chenyu that the two of them were together. Not comparable to an online idol who dare not show up. Gu Chenyu was also very uncomfortable. He also saw Xia Xiaoning deliberately bought clothes to see Mo Buyu. Xia Xiaoning asked Zhu Mo Da and saw that no one answered and went straight into the recording studio where he had an appointment with Mo Buyu.

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