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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 19 Recap

Han Derang shed tears many times for Yanyan, and even died for Yanyan. Father Han didn’t know the depth of the two people’s feelings, but in the world, true love is not the only way to stay together for a lifetime. The two of them command the two to stay together For a lifetime, but they have loved each other deeply, this is enough.

Yanyan had been on a hunger strike, and only when she heard that Han Dejang would come to visit her at night, was she willing to swallow half a bowl of porridge. At night, Han De came to see Xiao Yanyan in a wheelchair. Watching the stubbornness and sadness of Han Deran and Xiao Yanyan, Hu Nian reflected on whether he was too cruel. Break as early as possible.

In the small courtyard, Han Derang hugged Xiao Yanyan tightly. The two fell in love but could not be together. Yanyan could die for Han Derang. She wanted to wear a wedding gown to die with Han Derang when she received her. If only death can we be together. She would choose to die without hesitation. Hande asked Yanyan to live bravely.

Although they could not stay together in this life, they loved each other unforgettable. Hearing that Yanyan insisted on staying with him, and growing old together, Han Dejang thought that he was sorry for Yanyan. At the beginning, he was dedicated to assisting the new emperor ascending the throne. The appointment. The two lived not only love, but also endless responsibilities. Yanyan cried and promised Han Deran that she would live well.

Han De let the tears take out the two wind chimes, one he kept, and the other for Yan Yan. He gave Yan Yan a Chinese name “Chuo”. When the wind chimes rang, he missed Yan Yan. After Yanyan met Handerang, she also confessed her fate. Although she promised Handerang that she would live well, she still couldn’t eat and didn’t want to eat. Even Xiao Siwen brought her her favorite pastry.

I didn’t even look at it. Xiao Simwen knew that Xiao Yanyan had grievances in her heart, but she was a descendant of the family, and she had a huge responsibility on her body. There was no way to stick to love at all. Now the big wedding is about to come, Xiao Simwen hopes that Yanyan can forget the past love when she was young.

Xiao Yanyan came to see the dark clouds and snow in the stable. Wu Yun and Snow witnessed all the past between her and Handejang. Now she is going to enter the palace as a concubine. This horse cannot follow her into the palace. She ordered the clouds to cover the snow. Give it back to Handejan. Handejean has been sitting in the courtyard without eating or drinking.

Mrs. Han was worried about Handejean. She invited Li Sier. Li Sier looked at Hande’s soreness and knew that Handejean didn’t need her comfort, and she didn’t have the ability to comfort Handejean, so she He left the Han Mansion first, and was ready to wait for Handerang to cheer up before reappearing in front of Handerang.

Shangjing has the most painful memory of Handejang. The people he regarded as brothers robbed his beloved woman and died as a confidant. When Handejean followed Yeluxian, he was not afraid of life and death, but now Yeluxian is no longer his. Can follow people, he can no longer stay in Beijing. It is the responsibility of the Han family to implement the Han system for the people throughout his life, and Handejang is also willing to take up this responsibility, but in the future, he and Yelvxian will only have the friendship of monarchs and ministers.

If you want to change the world, you must travel the world, and Han Dejang wants to travel the world and see how the people of the world live. Before leaving, Handejeong used wine in the stable to soothe her sorrows. Mrs. Han accompanied Handejeon to drink while cheering up Handejeong. Tonight, the mother and son can have a good drink, but tomorrow Handejeong will leave all the painful past and live well Go down.

Ye Luxian and Xiao Yanyan got married. Xiao Yanyan wore the crown of the noble concubine and the red wedding dress, but there was no hint of joy on her face. She did not come to meet Yanyan as a welcoming messenger. She bowed to Xiao Siwen without saying a word, and left the house without even looking at Xiao Siwen.

The bright red joy in the sky and the noisy gongs and drums had nothing to do with Xiao Yanyan. Xiao Yanyan followed all the rules, but no one saw the tear in the corner of her eye. It was also on the day of Xiao Yanyan’s wedding that Han De asked to ride a horse to leave Beijing. When he used to be with Xiao Yanyan, he had nothing but great deeds in his heart, but now that he loses Yanyan, he feels uncomfortable and realizes that only Xiao Yanyan is the most important in the world.

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