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The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕雲台 Episode 18 Recap

Han Derang was covered in blood, Yanyan clutched the hand of Han De’s hand tightly, but was abruptly separated by Hu Nian. Looking at the dying Han Derang, Yanyan still compromised after all. She was willing to go back with Hu Nian, only to ask Hu Nian to let him go. Han Derang was lying on the ground covered in blood, Yanyan cried and wept. She was sorry for Han Derang, she broke her promise, but she only hoped that Han Derang could live well.

Yan Wang’s mansion and Han De’s mansion were sent back to the mansion by Hu Nian. Madam Han looked at her dying son and wept. Hu Nian pleaded guilty to Han’s father. Now only Hande let the wounds be severely wounded to avoid disaster. it is good. Father Han knew the situation, he didn’t blame Hu Nian. After Hu Nian came out of Han Mansion, he shut Yan Yan into the room. She blocked the doors and windows and refused to let Yan Yan go out of the room.

Ye Luxian learned that Han Derang and Xiao Yanyan had returned to the house, but Han Derang was seriously injured and worried about his life. Ye Luxian quickly ordered Dili to go to the Han house to rescue Han Derang, and he must be rescued. Hande caused too much blood loss, but there was no life worry. For a whole day and night, Hande made this sober. He saw Diligu’s figure and only made Diligu out of his sight. He did not accept Yelvxian’s kindness.

Father Han was sitting next to Handerang’s bed. Now Daliao’s internal and external troubles are at the right time for Yelvxian to need help from the Xiao Han family. If the news of Handerang and Xiao Yanyan’s resistance to the decree spreads at this time, others will be suspicious. Daliao will be turbulent again, and Yanyan and Handerang will also become sinners of Daliao. Therefore, Han’s father hopes that Handerang can put aside the love of their children.

On one side is the family and the world, and on the other is his love. Hande makes painful and can’t forgive Yelvxian, and Xiao Yanyan has been on a hunger strike. Since Yelvxian has to marry her, it is better to marry a dead person into the palace. Hande keeps each other for the rest of her life, and she is meaningless to live.

Xiao Yanyan went on a hunger strike, and Hu Nian had a headache. She knew that Yanyan and Wuguli had a good relationship, so she came to let Wuguli persuade Yanyan. When Wu Guli learned that Yanyan was about to enter the palace as her concubine, her queen dream fell to nothing, and she couldn’t help but blame Xiao Siwen in her heart. Wu Guli believed that Xiao Siwen had sacrificed her and Hu Nian, and Hu Nian was unwilling to listen to Wu Guli’s words. She was angry and left Xiyin’s mansion, leaving Xiyin and Wu Guli to take care of themselves.

Ye Luxian came to the Palace of King Yan. He talked with Handerang alone. He also knew that Handerang had woken up, but Handerang didn’t want to see him. Ye Luxian wanted to be commensurate with Han De-jang as a brother as before. He hoped that Han De-jang could understand him. His health was deteriorating. Daliao needed someone who could stand up and stand alone in an accident, and Yan Yan was just such a person. Yelvxian loves Yanyan.

He vowed to make Yanyan the most noble woman in Daliao. His name is far more important than the love of his children. He knows that he owes Handerjan too much. He only hopes Handerjean can give him a chance to compensate. The road is long and difficult, and he needs the help of Han Dejang.

Han Dejang couldn’t go back to the past with Yelvxian. Since Yelvxian had taken his righteousness, he couldn’t let go of his little love, and the two had to leave it alone, and the road to the future would be left to Yelvxian. Handerang was determined, and Ye Luxian had to leave Han Mansion disappointed. Before leaving, he told Handejean that no matter how Handejean changed his mind, his position here was always reserved for Handejean.

Hande-jang has always refused to take medicine. Madam Han knows that he does not want to live, but the road to life is still long. If Hande-jang is dead, there will be no future. She hopes that Hande-jang can live, even if he and Xiao Yanyan will get married in the future, but The traces of the two being in love will not be erased.

Later, Hu Nian came to Han Deran for Yanyan. Even if she knew that it would be cruel to Han Deran, she still hoped that Han Deran could persuade Yanyan to accept this fact, and to untie the bell, he still needs to be the person who is the bell. It is impossible for Han Deran and Xiao Yanyan to be Together. Handerang refused Hu Nian. He knew what Yanyan needed. The two of them loved each other and would never lose each other.

Hu Nian underestimated the relationship between Yanyan and Handerang. She returned without success and only asked Han’s father to persuade Handerang. When Han’s father entered the room, he saw that Han Deran was injured and wanted to see Yanyan. He took Yanyan away from Daliao. He couldn’t help but reprimanded Han Deran.

Not only was it unrealistic for the two to escape, but he also trapped the Han family in injustice and ruined him. The ideal aspirations of the three generations of the Han family. Handerang shoulders the future of Youzhou and the Han family, but Yanyan is the love of his life, and he has no way to abandon Yanyan.

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