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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 9 Recap

Chen Lang received a mysterious call and turned off the switch. Chen Lang reprimanded the opponent for using bad methods, but the opponent blamed Chen Lang for his incompetence. If not, Rui would win the game.

This time Rui lost the game, but Mr. Wu thought that the help of Rui was very moving, especially when the power was out, but the rules could not be changed. However, Mr. Wu also believed that although the defeat was a glorious defeat, he took all of Bo’s pineapple. Let Rui do the skirt.

Zhang Jiayun came to Duan Ran and became suspicious of what happened today, and encouraged Duan Ran to bravely fight the fire and connect to the electricity today. Qian Xixi came when Zhang Jiayun and Duan Ran had a pleasant conversation. Qian Xixi felt very uncomfortable seeing the two talking and laughing. taste. When Zhang Jiayun saw the video of her and Duan Ran posted by Su Su on the Internet, he knew that Qian Xixi had asked him to send it, and he also knew Qian Xixi was jealous, so he sent out a spoof of Duan Ran. Zhang Jiayun tells Qian Xixi that she and Duan Ran are fine, and she has always been optimistic about Qian Xixi and Duan Ran, hoping that Qian Xixi will not worry about Duan Ran’s parents. There is no relationship between her and Qian Xixi.

Later, Qian Xixi called Duan Ran to make an appointment for dinner, and at the same time asked Qian Xixi to attend the appointment, persuading Qian Xixi to control the opportunity. Qian Xixi believed that the bond between Duan Ran and Qian Xixi was very deep. Don’t even try to get involved in the three, not to mention Qian Xixi and her are still the best girlfriends, she can’t have a girlfriend’s boyfriend.

When Chen Lang was celebrating with the company’s people, Mr. Wu called and pointed out that if it weren’t for a power outage, the cloud would be incompetent, and the skirts were not within the scope of their contract. Let Chen Lang sign a supplementary agreement tomorrow. , Chen Lang was dissatisfied.

That day, Qian Xixi and Duan Ran had a meal together. It’s better to say that they were discussing matters. They talked about their former boyfriend and girlfriend because they broke up because of long-distance relationships. Duan Ran was also curious that he and Qian Xixi were old men and women. Wives feel that they should be together, but why they didn’t come together. At this moment, I suddenly received a video, which was a monitor called from the switch, interrupting Duan Ran’s next words. After the two turned off the topic, they did not continue this topic, but began to discuss the candidate for the president tomorrow.

The next day, Duan Shengyun and President Shen announced that Qian Xixi would be the president, but Duan Ran believed that Qian Xixi was inadequate and had many shortcomings, and Duan Ran was unwilling to assist Qian Xixi. But Duan Shengyun and President Shen insisted on appointing Qian Xixi, and asked former favorite to fulfill the promise Duan Ran gave, otherwise they would sell Rui. Duan Ran was angry and left, and accused Qian Xixi as a family thief. He gave Qian Xixi everything. Everything in the family was occupied by Qian Xixi. Now even a president is occupied by Qian Xixi, Qian Xi Xi was almost crying when he fell so many times.

Everyone was very happy to learn that Qian Xixi was appointed as president, but Qian Xixi was not happy, but since she had chosen her, she would not disappoint Duan Shengyun and the others, and would definitely bring Rui Qi back to life. Qian Xixi informed that the plenary meeting would be held, but Duan Ran wanted to take Yu Shi to investigate and monitor, and believed that Qian Xixi would not have important things in the meeting, so Yu Shi dared not rush back to the meeting.

During the surveillance, Duan Ran discovered that someone knew that he would come to check the surveillance, so he moved the surveillance content and placed a previously recorded video into it. Duan Ran came back just as Qian Xixi was preparing for the meeting, Qian Xixi ordered Duan Ran to go to the penalty station, but if Duan Ran couldn’t screw him up, he went to the penalty station honestly.

Qian Xixi appointed Yu Shi as the chief financial officer. The supply chain will be in charge of the fifth elder brother. In the future, he will have his own brand. The technical support will be given to Su Su. Zhang Jiayun is responsible for the live broadcast of Bo Pineapple’s skirt. Qian Xixi sees Duan Ran deliberately. If he didn’t punish him, he asked Duan Ran to be an intern.

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