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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 7 Recap

Qian Xixi took the fifth brother to live broadcast, and Duan Ran also won the perfect blue brand. The fifth brother was so nervous that he was too nervous to speak during the live broadcast. Chen Lang, who saw the live broadcast, thought that Qian Xixi was desperate. People who didn’t even dare to speak were invited to be anchors.

Chen Lang believes that Qian Xixi has no management ability, but he is a little better than Duan Ran. At least Qian Xixi has been an anchor with him for a period of time. It is not like Duan Ran is a layman. Chen Lang understands from the bottom of his heart. I look down on the two, and I don’t think it will last too long.

Duan Ran told Duan Shengyun about what he had talked about Perfect Lan tonight, but unexpectedly learned that Uncle Mu had entered the hospital because of a serious illness and was now in the intensive care unit. Duan Ran couldn’t help but start to be anxious, and now the contract was short of signing.

Qian Xixi came to Yuanyuan again. Yuanyuan thought she was to be a broadcaster and refused on the spot, but Qian Xixi said that she did not come to Yuanyuan as a broadcaster this time, but hoped that Yuanyuan could treat Su Su and Wu. The elder brother was training. The two of them had to flee when they heard that they wanted to be a broadcaster.

Qian Xixi had to persuade and inspire people. Su Su only wanted to be a programmer, Qian Xixi had to let Su Su be with him. Brother, the fifth brother feels that he is not the same as the broadcaster. As soon as the voice fell, Yuanyuan came, and Yuanyuan told them that no one was born as a broadcaster.

Duan Ran came to the hospital to see Uncle Mu. At present, Uncle Mu was unconscious, and it might be impossible to sign a contract. Zhang Jiayun urged to start work again, and Duan Ran raised his eyebrows for a while.

Qi Yuanyuan gave live training to Su Su and her fifth elder brother. When Duan Ran heard that Yuanyuan was coming for training, he immediately called Zhang Jiayun to join the training. This training was not only about daily standing posture, but also running and exercising. The speed of the clothes is also included, and even Qian Xixi has also been trained.

Uncle Mu died and the perfect blue contract could only be dismissed. Duan Ran brought Zhang Jiayun to Mr. Wu. Mr. Wu also wanted to cooperate with Rui for the live broadcast of the next quarter’s press conference. But Duan Ran felt that it was too easy. Mr. Wu fooled, so he went and returned.

Duan Ran was blunt and asked Mr. Wu what his concerns were. Although Mr. Wu knows about Rui’s dilemma, he also thinks that Qian Xixi did well last time. Chen Lang was the grandson who pitted Rui, but the market is like that. In business, now Rui doesn’t even have a decent anchor. This is him. The biggest worry, and now he has already planned to hand over Bo Pineapple to Chen Lang.

The fifth brother has always felt that the training posture is not his own habit, so he always feels that it is not suitable to be a broadcaster. Qian Xixi believes that everyone has the charm of everyone, and it is not necessary to follow a standing posture, how comfortable it is ,

Otherwise the focus is only on the standing posture and ignores what to say. The fifth brother is not confident and always feels that he has no charm, but Qian Xixi thinks that the charm of the fifth brother is that every set of clothes she designs is very good, and her charm is just Lying on the stalls.

Duan Ran and Zhang Jiayun were dancing in the office. It happened that Qian Xixi and Su Su came over, and Su Su took the phone to shoot. Qian Xixi suddenly felt a little uncomfortable watching the two dancing, but he quickly dispelled the discomfort. Let Susu try to take pictures of their dancing.

After a period of training, Su Su and his fifth brother took promotional photos, and they will be as brilliant as big stars. Yuanyuan told Duan Ran and Qian Xixi not to worry too much, and to be brave enough to train new people, regardless of the status quo of the industry, and the future will not be too bad. Qian Xixi still wants to keep Yuanyuan, but Duan Ran thinks that Yuanyuan has her own ideas without being too reluctant, and also said that Rui will be her forever home.

Brother Fifth was broadcast live again, but he was accused of being a miscellaneous brand. Brother Fifth was driven out of the live broadcast room. Brother Fifth remembered what Qian Xixi had said that her charm was her charm, so Fifth Brother was very angry. Many people responded and felt that all famous brands started from miscellaneous brands.

Qian Xixi hurried to the rescue for fear of offending people. However, the fifth brother suggested that this live broadcast room belonged to her. As far as she said, she did. Believing that he can be an excellent anchor, Qian Xixi immediately quit the live broadcast room and gave a thumbs up to the fifth brother.

Unexpectedly, the fifth elder brother regained his self-confidence after this incident. It was like selling clothes outside. He was no longer alone to cater to everyone, but it also made the live broadcast room lively. Many people began to pay attention. Brother Fifth, Duan Ran and Qian Xixi were very excited.

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