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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 6 Recap

Zhang Jiayun enrolled in a cram school. At the end of get out of class, Chen Lang drove to pick up Zhang Jiayun. He also claimed that he bought the Duan Ran car as soon as he heard about it. In the future, if Duan Ran wanted to buy it back, he would sell it to Duan Ran at a high price.

Duan Ran was in a bad mood after running into a wall today. Qian Xixi was also stunned. She was first rejected by Qi Yuanyuan. When she cleaned up the inventory, she found a pile of tatters. Duan Ran never found a suitable broadcaster, so she suddenly remembered. Zhang Jiayun, planning to try, Qian Xixi persuaded Duan Ran to stop trying, she had no hope let alone others.

Chen Lang once again offered to let Zhang Jiayun come to his company as the broadcaster, but Zhang Jiayun thought she and Qian Xixi were best friends. Even if she killed her, she could not go to Chen Lang’s place. Chen Lang hit a wall again.

Qian Xixi and Su Su went to the market together to find the fifth brother of the market designer. This is a little red man on the Internet. At this time, the fifth brother and his friend Lao Mao who were selling goods at the street stall encountered an urban management inspection.

Everyone rode away, and Qian Xixi’s car happened to drive over. The old cat costs two thousand yuan to touch the porcelain. Qian Xixi offered to let him down. The old cat wanted to cheat. Qian Xixi found out from his clothes. The symbol of the fifth brother, thinking that the old cat is the fifth brother.

When Zhang Jiayun was trying to eat in the supermarket, she rushed to eat with an aunt, but she accidentally stabbed her on the back of her hand. The aunt was so angry that she ran into Duan Ran. Duan Ran bought the tasting product and gave it to the aunt. Zhang Jiayun ate dinner and praised Zhang Jiayun’s last live broadcast for being so brilliant.

Qian Xixi and Su Su sent the old cat to the hospital. They knew that the old cat was fine but would still be blackmailed. This made Qian Xixi feel uncomfortable, but when they left, they met the real five brothers who came to see the old cat in the hospital. Brother is actually a girl. The fifth brother reprimanded the old cat for not deceiving people.

Qian Xixi and Su Su also formally introduced themselves. The fifth brother invited Qian Xixi and Su Su to his design room. The clothes here are very avant-garde. After graduating from the fashion design major, he set up a street stall for money. The fifth brother also expressed his willingness to help, which made Qian Xixi very happy.

Duan Ran knows that Zhang Jiayun rejected Qian Xixi because Qian Xixi didn’t say what she was thinking about. Now that Zhang Jiayun is a person who has dreams and pursues in a cram school, Duan Ran sees that Zhang Jiayun likes to do business and offers to do something. Zhang Jiayun applied to Cambridge Business School and was willing to teach Zhang Jiayun how to do business.

Qian Xixi had visited Mr. Wu many times before and was rejected, but after being called by Duan Randian, Mr. Wu agreed. This also made Zhang Jiayun very interested. , Especially moved by Duan Ran’s words, agreed to cooperate.

Zhang Jiayun came to work at the company, which surprised Qian Xixi and asked whether Zhang Jiayun was bought by Duan Ran? Zhang Jiayun smiled and didn’t explain. Qian Xixi also asked her five brothers to live on the job training and can help change clothes at night. Duan Ran joked that Qian Xixi was blackmailing the workers’ time.

After Zhang Jiayun visited the company, Duan Ran asked Qian Xixi to leave. In his opinion, Qian Xixi didn’t need training at all. He only needed to notify Qian Xixi after the brand was negotiated. In the evening, Qian Xixi and his fifth brother were busy modifying their clothes at the company. After Duan Ran returned, they found that Qian Xixi hadn’t gone back, so they were busy delivering supper.

Duan Ran talked to Uncle Mu about the online live sales of Perfect Blue clothing, reshaping the image of Perfect Blue. Because Perfect Blue was suppressed by President Wu before and stagnated, now I heard that it can restore the image online. Uncle Mu agreed to cooperate with Duan Ran .

The old cat came to see the fifth brother who was busy all night. The fifth brother hoped that the old cat would do her operation, but the old cat was unwilling to be restricted by the company, especially when he set up a stall freely and could take care of his mother.

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