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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 5 Recap

In order to help Qian Xixi start his own business, Duan Ran did not hesitate to sell his collection of figures and baby sports cars for many years, and voluntarily ran to the board of directors and proposed to keep Rui. The board had originally stopped Rui, and Duan Ran promised to let him Continue to operate, he promised to make Rui’s sales and the entire QE level in the second half of the year, a word that caused everyone to laugh. Duan Shengyun asked why Duan Ran wanted to operate Rui?

However, Duan Ran said that because some people say Rui has his future, Duan Shengyun believes that Duan Ran is nothing but enthusiasm, and his actual ability is not as good as Chen Lang. He cannot achieve the goal that Chen Lang has not reached. Duan Ran promises to give it if he fails to do well. QE cleaned the toilets, Mr. Shen didn’t want to fight Duan Ran, and asked everyone to formally put this matter on the agenda for discussion before making a decision.

Mr. Shen thinks that Duan Ran is very passionate, and Duan Shengyun is worried that Duan Ran will be even worse if he falls, but he believes in Qian Xixi, as long as Qian Xixi’s help believes that Duan Ran will not fail.

In fact, Duan Shengyun also wanted to support Duan Ran, but only when he watched Duan Ran make things happen to the board of directors, he opposed it on the surface. In private, Mr. Shen was asked to support Duan Ran. Mr. Shen couldn’t help laughing that Duan Shengyun’s rank was too high.

Mr. Shen came to Rui to find Duan Ran and Qian Xixi. They insisted on drinking Coke with ice. Duan Ran jokes that Mr. Shen drinks Coke when he is so old. Qian Xixi hurriedly praised Mr. Shen for his great hobbies. What he wants to drink and drink is actually Because everyone in the company knows that Mr. Shen’s hobby is this. Since Mr. Shen will definitely bring good news, Mr. Shen also expressed his intention and agreed that they should continue to build Rui.

After all, Rui is a company with many flaws and it is not easy to rebuild it. Mr. Shen reminded Qian Xixi To help Duan Ran well, Qian Xixi didn’t care about Duan Ran going to clean the toilet. In fact, he had already made up his mind to start this live broadcast.

Duan Ran first took all the pictures of the female anchors hanging in the company, and he already had his own ideas on how to decorate Rui. When President Shen left, he told Qian Xixi that their president was Qian Xixi. Duan Ran thought it was only President Shen’s meaning, but he didn’t expect to hear Duan Shengyun’s conversation with his wife when he went back. He knew that it was actually Duan Shengyun’s meaning, Qian Xi Xi prepares and competes with Duan Ran for president.

Qian Xixi told Zhang Jiayun about the matter, hoping that Zhang Jiayun could be the anchor and support her as the president, but Zhang Jiayun still did not agree, and asked Qian Xixi to think about it. Why would she compete for the president?

President Shen told Qian Xixi and Duan Ran to compete for the president, but Duan Ran thought that he should be the president for granted. Qian Xixi was not convinced, thinking she was the president. Duan Ran pulls Yu Shi as a helper, Qian Xixi pulls Susu as his helper. Duan Ran thinks that it is more than enough to deal with Qian Xixi and Susu, but Yu Shi is not optimistic.

In fact, in Qian Xixi’s heart, Duan Ran is still more suitable to be the president. She understands that her strengths can make up for Duan Ran’s shortcomings, but since she was given the opportunity to compete this time, she also competed. The first competition is to find The right person comes to work in the company.

Duan Ran came to his old classmates to help discuss cooperation, but they all knew that Chen Lang had taken away all the anchors when he left, only Qian Xixi was left. Qian Xixi was still far behind Yuanyuan, so the old classmate declined. Paragraph burn.

Qian Xixi knew that Yuanyuan did not sign a contract with Chen Lang, so she came to Yuanyuan while she was exercising, but Yuanyuan said that her contract expired in less than a week, and she did not want to continue to renew her contract. I’m tired of being an anchor. When Yuanyuan heard that Qian Xixi was going to be the president, she immediately stated that she was right not to renew her contract, and she was so angry that Qian Xixi gritted her teeth.

Duan Ran ran to find Wenwen and wanted to pull it back. Chen Lang happened to see him. Chen Lang accused Duan Ran of digging the wall and drove away Duan Ran himself. Duan Ran suddenly saw his car parked here. It turned out that this car was bought by Chen Lang.

Chen Lang satirized that Duan Ran lost the anchor to him, and now lost to him the car, and satirized that the car is really Nankai, so angry that Duan Ran cursed Chen Lang shamelessly. After Chen Lang went back, he took full protection for the company and installed a camera to prevent Duan Ran from digging the foot of the wall again.

Qian Xixi wanted to sell all the tailed goods at a discount for money, but Su Su thought it was difficult to sell things like rags.

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