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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 4 Recap

Qian Xixi, Duan Shengyun, and Duan Ran analyzed the ins and outs and believed that Chen Lang had planned for a long time, but only waited until the day that Duan Ran was gone and proposed to leave. The purpose was to make everyone feel that his status was insecure before leaving. Yes, now at least the stage combustion is the catalyst for this. But now it seems that complaining has no effect. Duan Shengyun has already investigated that someone invested in Chen Lang, which made Chen Lang have the capital to leave.

He also wants to make the last effort to persuade Chen Lang to see if there is any possibility of recovery. Chen Lang is familiar with the live broadcast platform. Even if they have a company and equipment, they need someone to do the job. Especially now that Rui is facing such a situation, the board of directors will not invest money, so Duan Shengyun asked Qian Xixi to go back to QE to work.

The next day, Qian Xixi and Duan Ran were ready to pack up their things and leave, but Qian Xixi was unwilling to live a life of nine to five. She went from offline to online. From the day she couldn’t sell a single piece of clothing. After going out, he could sell thousands of clothes in an hour. Qian Xixi hopes to burn himself in Rui, and persuade Duan Ran and Yu Shisusu to stay and start a business together. At this time, the landlord came to collect the rent.

Because Chen Lang always wanted to find a new place, he did not renew the rent. Qian Xixi quarreled with the landlord in a hurry and asked the landlord to give it a week of grace, but the other party was just angry In response, Duan Ran took the initiative to greet the landlord to go to the company for talks. He was sincere and gave the landlord a QE membership card. The landlord promised a few days of grace.

Qian Xixi went to Mr. Wu alone to ask for the balance and took the initiative to clean the toilet. Duan Ran came to Qian Xixi when he saw him cleaning and offered to help. Qian Xixi refused. Duan Ran took Qian Xixi with one hand and left without saying anything. WC. President Wu happened to see Qian Xixi invited to the office. In fact, their expected sales this time were three hundred and twenty million. Qian Xixisheng sold an extra two million.

Mr. Wu was already very satisfied. Especially this time, Chen Lang’s move was obviously to move the tiger away from the mountain and deliberately lead people to Sanya. The purpose was to transfer the company, at the expense of Bo Pineapple. Mr. Wu thought he would be dead if it wasn’t for Qian Xixi.

Mr. Wu proposed that as long as Qian Xixi can revive Rui, he would hand over the business to Qian Xixi again, and expressed his admiration for Qian Xixi’s ability. Seeing that the situation is full, he was stunned to complete all the tasks, especially President Wu mentioned Zhang Jiayun, and the bosses of the company felt that it was a pity that she did not become the anchor.

Chen Lang wanted to win over Zhang Jiayun for the live broadcast, but was rejected by Zhang Jiayun. Zhang Jiayun claimed that she had refused even Qian Xixi. It was impossible to agree to Chen Lang. Chen Lang had given up his heart. He knew Zhang Jiayun and Qian. Heather’s relationship is beyond his comparability.

Duan Shengyun talked to Chen Lang, he would rather give Chen Lang 49% of the shares, let Chen Lang become Rui’s largest shareholder, have absolute right to speak, and promise not to let Duan Ran go to the company, but Chen Lang still refused. Duan Shengyun. Chen Lang also thanked Duan Shengyun for his shot, otherwise Rui would have been ruined.

Qian Xixi told Duan Ran that when she first came to apply for the anchor, she was in bad condition. At that time, Yuanyuan was going to change her clothes. She was temporarily pulled into the warm-up field. She bought clothes as if they were sold at a street stall. She also quoted 600 yuan for clothes It became sixty.

After he came out, he was scolded by Chen Lang, but a miracle happened. In the fifteen minutes of Qian Xixi’s broadcast, the number of fans increased by 3,000. This is unprecedented in history, so Chen Lang again Qian Xixi was left behind. Qian Xixi took Duan Ran’s hand and swore to the sea that he would reopen Rui and save Rui.

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