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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 3 Recap

While Duan Shengyun was negotiating with Chen Lang, Qian Xixi had already painted makeup and prepared his mobile phone, and just waited for the live broadcast to start. Seeing that there were three minutes left, Duan Shengyun asked Chen Lang to look at it for years of cooperation. Start the live broadcast and wait until you get back to talk about other things.

On the surface, Chen Lang had agreed, but he refused to hand over the clothes. At this time, Su Su found that Qian Xixi on the boat had already started broadcasting.
Mr. Wu was also very happy to see this live broadcast at sea. He felt it was a pleasant surprise.

Duan Ran even deliberately praised Qian Xixi’s live broadcast in front of Chen Lang for its good background, good colors and good-looking people. Duan Ran asked to wait for the boat to come. When I got on the ship live broadcast, and asked Chen Lang to arrange it. Chen Lang had to explain that it was a misunderstanding just now, because he didn’t know whether the wave of pineapple was going to be broadcasted.

Only when Duan Ran came to know, he also distributed the mobile phone. Duan Ran asked Chen Lang to quickly take out his clothes. Because he was missing two pieces of clothes, Chen Lang agreed to hand them over. However, because of the high tide, the clothes were soaked in seawater. Duan Ran was so angry that he grabbed Chen Lang and beat him. Fortunately, I found the missing Yoji Nishiyama.

Qian Xixi’s huge ship drove over, and Duan Ran asked everyone to drive the yacht on board. Mr. Wu over there was already dissatisfied that there was only one Qian Xixi live broadcast. Yu Shi had to explain that the signal on board was not good. I believe it will be done soon. Up. Just after the sound change, all the live broadcasts also appeared. Duan Ran and Qian Xixi were relieved to high-five and sympathize with each other.

When I saw Qi Yuanyuan went online, Mr. Wu was even more happy. Yuanyuan’s sales have always been the first. When everyone was excited, Qian Xixi began to worry because the color of the clothes was soaked in water, which made Qian Xixi worry, especially the limited edition of Nishiyama Yoji was also soaked, and these two clothes are the top priority of Mr. Wu.

This The show and broadcast of the clothes are all for the launch of Yoji Nishiyama. Qian Xixi suddenly thought of his friend Zhang Jiayun, but Zhang Jiayun was also chatting with the handsome guy and did not answer the phone.

Qian Xixi had to find a friend of the Bo Pineapple clerk to personally find Zhang Jiayun, and asked Zhang Jiayun to directly broadcast Yoji Nishiyama in the clothing store. Although Zhang Jiayun was broadcasting for the first time, it was originally a clothes seller, so he explained the clothes. Handy, also pushed Qian Xixi’s live broadcast room to the homepage, and Yuanyuan’s live broadcast also ranked first in sales. Looking at the clothes Yuanyuan was wearing, Qian Xixi told Duan Ran that he had exchanged the bag he gave for this clothes.

Zhang Jiayun’s broadcast was simply a genius broadcast. It attracted everyone’s praise, but it also made Chen Lang dissatisfied. At the same time, it also made the store manager dissatisfied. He blamed Zhang Jiayun for doing live broadcasts for other clothes in the store during working hours. Zhang Jiayun lost his job.

After leaving the island, Chen Lang called Mr. Ding to follow Mr. Ding’s arrangements in the next step. Mr. Ding asked Chen Lang to be cautiously bigger in the next step. Chen Lang asked to change the company to cloud after taking over. Yun, Mr. Ding agreed.

After the live broadcast ended, she sold five hundred and nine million pineapple clothes. Yuanyuan sold more than one million by herself. Just as Duan Ran was about to praise Qian Xixi, she spent more than 20 minutes on the boat. Qian Xixi fell asleep suddenly. Duan Ran had to take Qian Xixi into the cabin to rest. Suddenly looking at Qian Xixi who was asleep, Duan Ran felt that she was very cute, but after waking up Qian Xixi seemed to be urging her life, and Duan Ran fell into the money.

Heather fell asleep beside him.
Yuanyuan was originally a star, but now she has turned to live broadcast. Although she has a lot of money, she is getting farther and farther away from her goal. Yuanyuan feels a bit lost.

A phone call woke up Qian Xixi. It was Mr. Wu who called. Mr. Wu was very satisfied with what happened today, but he didn’t understand why he suddenly remembered going to Sanya. Qian Xixi didn’t know how to explain it for a while. I’ll talk about it when I go back to see Mr. Wu.

After disembarking, Qian Xixi arranged for everyone to stay here first and go back to Xiamen tomorrow. Qian Xixi was worried that the contract he had signed was still short of 110,000 yuan and needed to clean the toilet. Duan Ran jokes that Qian Xixi is going to clean the toilet. At this time, Zhang Jiayun called and asked why she was so anxious to save the field today, and told Qian Xixi that she had been fired.

Qian Xixi directly proposed to let Zhang Jiayun be the broadcaster of the company, but Zhang Jiayun did not agree. He wanted to live a lazy life and didn’t want to be so tired every day like Qian Xixi.

Zhang Jiayun was discovered by some scouts since she was in school because she looked good and had a good figure, but she refused, and wanted to sell goods at the counter to lead a normal life.

Qian Xixi also repeatedly persuaded Zhang Jiayun to come and was rejected. Hearing this, Duan Ran was confident, claiming that if he opened a live broadcast company, Zhang Jiayun would be able to hire Zhang Jiayun. Qian Xixi was not optimistic about this, thinking that Chen Lang did not succeed after working hard for so long, and Duan Ran would not succeed. .

The live broadcast at sea also shocked Duan Ran, who felt that it was not in vain. Duan Ran and Qian Xixi also told Su Su that they used to cooperate with entrepreneurs to make money when they were in school. At that time, Duan Ran felt that as long as Qian Xixi was by his side, he would definitely be able to do something. Work procrastinated, and finally dragged the company into pornography.

After drinking, Duan Ran and Qian Xixi returned to the hotel together. The two cuddled each other with their arms around each other. Duan Ran hugged Qian Xixi and returned to the room, while in the other room, Chen Lang planned another conspiracy.

The next day, when Su Su came to look for Qian Xixi and Duan Ran, the two were still in a coma. When they were about to leave, they realized that Chen Lang and the anchors were gone again. Chen Lang called Yu Shi for a holiday, Qian Xi Xi Yushi quickly went back to see what had happened. Qian Xixi realized that there was a conspiracy, but everything can only be known after returning.

Chen Lang brought everyone to a new place overnight and set up a new company called YunLive. He will never have anything to do with Rui in the future. Chen Lang spoke to everyone, especially dissatisfied with Duan Shengyun, who is not knowledgeable. In the back, he pointed out that he would never leave all his fate to others to call the shots.

Chen Lang already has an investment of 12 million yuan. He also vowed to make Bi Rui even better. He also gave everyone two contracts. One is Rui’s termination contract, and the other is a contract signed by Cloud Live. They also promised to bear the cost of liquidated damages.

Chen Lang thinks that he will bring all the resources to the cloud live broadcast, and Rui will definitely face a long time of nothing to broadcast, but everyone who comes to the cloud live broadcast will have a salary increase, and everyone is happy.

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