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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 12 Recap

Duan Ran wanted to cook a bowl of noodles for Qian Xixi, but Qian Xixi satirized Duan Ran’s ugly noodles, so Duan Ran cooked himself a bowl of noodles. Qian Xixi was dissatisfied that he would only eat for himself. Duan Ran accused him. Qian Xixi didn’t give it to her because he didn’t want his cooking. Duan Ran now understands a little bit. At the beginning of e-commerce live broadcast, he was worried about the flow of funds and the anchor. Now that the anchor has money, he needs heat and traffic. Only then did Qian Xixi know that Duan Ran was trying to absorb Jiang Zheyang’s heat and flow before. He did not approve of Duan Ran and thought it was mutual support.

From the perspective of Duan Ran, the popularity is no higher than the first-line flow artists. As long as there is heat, there will be flow. After the flow, even amateurs can become anchors. When there are top anchors, those suppliers Will follow their ass and run away. Qian Xixi agrees with Duan Ran’s view, and thinks that big stars like Jiang Zheyang will soon become a sales enthusiasm on the Internet, which is not comparable to ordinary people.

Duan Ran saw that Qian Xixi was not eating, so he gave Qian Xixi his noodles and stroked Qian Xixi’s head and said that the person in the world who cares about Qian Xixi the most is his brother. . Qian Xixi didn’t seem to hear Duan Ran’s words, but thought about how to help Yuanbao sell coffee.

Because Xiaobai is a fan of Jiang Zheyang, and Qian Xixi and Jiang Zheyang are Xiaoxue’s classmates. Jiang Zheyang’s real name is Jiang Jinsuo. Afterwards, Qian Xixi began to record some small videos in various live video broadcasts, mentioning the incidents of childhood, and invited Jiang Zheyang to drink coffee, turning this video into a way of greeting, and set off a frenzy, everyone. They all started to greet Jiang Zheyang on the Internet and ask for coffee. One of Qian Xixi’s videos made an appointment to drink coffee in the sports village on the weekend, but Jiang Zheyang saw the video and recognized Qian Xixi as well. He wanted to see Qian Xixi. Ouyang thought Qian Xixi was going to get hot. But Jiang Zheyang didn’t care about it.

On this weekend, Qian Xixi and Xiaobai were waiting to meet Jiang Zheyang for coffee in the previous stadium, but Jiang Zheyang did not come, Xiaobai was a little depressed, and some people thought that Jiang Zheyang would not come and thought Qian Xixi was A liar, but Jiang Zheyang did not expect to show up. Qian Xixi excitedly hugged him when he saw Jiang Zheyang. Jiang Zheyang and Qian Xixi’s friends greeted him, and the live broadcast room was very lively. Duan Ran at the company was also uncomfortable, seeing that the number of people watching Qian Xixi’s live broadcast room had increased tenfold. At this moment, Duan Ran wanted to drink coffee.

Qian Xixi and Jiang Zheyang reminisced about the past. Qian Xixi used to call Jiang Zheyang a little fat man, and he inspired Jiang Zheyang to exercise and become a handsome guy. Xiaobai always felt it was a pity. She came as soon as she left Jiang Zheyang. She left Jiang Zheyang when she came back. Qian Xixi comforted Xiaobai Jiang Zheyang and praised Xiaobai’s coffee for good, so this time it was considered a success. Up. When Xiaobai had money, he planned to move to live near the company. Qian Xixi planned to redecorate the old house and then move out to live.

He didn’t want to live in Duan Ran’s house all the time. For today’s success, Qian Xixi specially approved two hundred yuan to celebrate, but also drank too much because of excitement. When he returned, Duan’s mother felt distressed and gave Qian Xixi water to drink, but turned a blind eye to his own son.

Because coffee sales reached one million, Qian Xixi specially formed a coffee sister group to sell coffee. At the same time, Duan Ran knew that Jiang Zheyang’s mother and son had gone to the exhibition, and also deliberately approached Jiang Zheyang’s mother. Knowing that Jiang’s mother often went to QE shopping malls, he introduced his identity specially and praised Jiang’s mother for training a good one. son. After Chen Lang learned of the situation, he came to say hello and claimed that the owner of the exhibition was his friend. He specially came to meet him. He also took the initiative to take Jiang’s mother to meet with the owner of the exhibition. Duan Ran was immediately left alone, the artist. Some paintings were specially presented to Jiang Zheyang.

Duan Ran was angry that Chen Lang came over to make trouble, deliberately disgusting Chen Lang. At that time, he sold the car to a foreigner at a high price in order to raise money, so that he saved Rui. But Chen Lang knew that Duan Ran had a lot of affection for the car, and he deliberately praised the car for being so good, and he was really angry.

In order to win over Jiang Zheyang’s mother, Duan Ran and Chen Lang can be said to have shown their abilities, and they are all in their favor. Chen Lang also specially accompanied Jiang’s mother to take a bath and grooming. After feeding the dog with ham, Mother Jiang was very anxious. She was worried that the dog would shed hair, so she quickly induced vomiting to the dog. Chen Lang felt embarrassed.

Duan Ran and Ouyang ate together and talked about Qian Xixi’s use of Jiang Zheyang’s image. Ouyang heard that Duan Ran always took one bite of his family Qian Xixi and was angry, warning Duan Ran to sue Qian Xixi if he reused Jiang Zheyang. , Duan Ran quickly took care of the short and promised to go back and teach Qian Xixi from their family.

Ouyang offered to help Duan Ran, but was rejected by Duan Ran. Duan Ran hoped to solve the problem by herself. Ouyang told Duan Ran that Jiang Zheyang’s mother was very happy to do things that she opposed. The boss of Hualu Coffee came to look for Qian Xixi. He thought he had a big customer, but the other party made a purchase request.

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