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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 11 Recap

Because the company had no goods to sell, Qian Xixi and Brother Su Su together looked for some stocks from the warehouse. They wanted to find some goods and sell them on their own, but they all felt that the fabrics were not good and they were unwilling to buy them as shoddy goods. Fool everyone.

Qian Xixi received a call. The tenants in her old house always made noises and disturbed the neighbors. Qian Xixi rushed home to have a look. After a long time, he didn’t come to the old house. Back here makes Qian Xixi seem to be back. When I was a child, my mother was still there, and the family was happy.

As soon as Qian Xixi went upstairs, he heard noises in the room. Tenant Xiaobai bought a coffee grinder at home, which made the noise. Xiaobai is studying food engineering and is now in her senior year, so she wants to study bulletproof coffee at home. Xiaobai thinks that as long as she researches it in her way, it will not only taste good, but also refresh her belly. Xiaobai made her coffee Named Yuanbao Coffee, Qian Xixi felt that the taste was very good after tasting it, and immediately had an idea.

Duan Ran and Zhang Jiayun, who are in charge of recruitment, have also selected a more suitable anchor after some selection, but the new problem is that there is no supply. Qian Xixi came back to bring coffee for everyone, and proposed to sell coffee in the live broadcast room, but Duan Ran opposed it, thinking that this would lower his taste. He was selling clothes and now selling coffee. It would be better to sell sweet potatoes. Moreover, from Duan Ran’s point of view, there is not much profit at all, and selling as much coffee can not make much money, but Qian Xixi just wants to try it and ask Xu Shige to calculate the profit.

When Qian Xixi came out, it happened that Duan Ran came to Xu Shi to apply for a little entertainment fee, but when Qian Xixi heard that it would cost 1,000 yuan, he felt that it was too high and let Duan Ran pay for it first. Duan Ran called Qiong. In order to prove that he could be independent, he had returned all the cards to his father. Now he is the commander of the polished rod. This time it was for Rabo Pineapple’s list to have entertainment expenses. Qian Xixi gave the approval. One thousand yuan.

When Duan Ran took the money, Qian Xixi was too picky and couldn’t bear to give it a thousand yuan. When Duan Ran saw Xu Shi was measuring coffee, he suddenly felt that selling coffee was better than burning paper at the company every day. So there is no objection.

Duan Ran asked Mr. Wu to come out and deliberately mentioned Perfect Blue. Perfect Blue has always been suppressing Mr. Wu. He sells what Mr. Wu sells. Mr. Wu is very angry and feels that Perfect Blue is a plagiarism from them, but Duan Ran believes that no matter how the sales volume is compared to the perfect blue or the crushed pineapple, in the company’s view, it must be based on the sales volume and will not care about anything else. At that time, it can only be said that the operation director Wu is not good enough.

Duan Ran grasped Mr. Wu’s needs and heart disease, and put forward suggestions that can improve the brand image. To enhance the image, I must look for Jiang Zheyang’s endorsement. In fact, Mr. Wu always looked for Jiang Zheyang, but was blocked by the director Ouyang Meixuan. Feeling that Bo Pineapple’s level is not enough, Mr. Wu promised that as long as he can help him win Jiang Zheyang, Bo Pineapple will be broadcast to Rui.

Knowing where Jiang Zheyang was going to engage in publicity, Duan Ran took Yu Shite to buy first class and took the same plane. He pretended to meet classmate Ouyang Meixuan and heard that Ouyang Meixuan and Jiang Zheyang’s mother had Jiang Zheyang argued with the star about whether he had different opinions on the matter of apology. Ouyang Meixuan took the initiative to invite Duan Ran to dinner, which was the first step in the conversation.

Qian Xi was originally angry that Yu Shi and Duan Ran took first-class cabin, so Yu Shi truthfully told Qian Xi that Xi Duan Ran bought a first-class ticket to see Ouyang and wanted to get Jiang Zheyang’s agency through Ouyang. Ouyang is also Duan Ran’s ex-girlfriend.

Hearing this made Qian Xixi feel uncomfortable and went directly to Duan Ran, who was cooking noodles, and blamed Duan Ran for seeing his girlfriend and buying two first-class cabins with Yu Shi. He should not spend the company’s money. Duan Ran promised to double and earn it back in the future, because Mr. Wu has promised to give them the contract as long as he gets the endorsement. Hearing this, Qian Xixi began to pay attention to the noodles cooked by Duan Ran.

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