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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 48 Recap

Su Wenqian’s wanted warrants were posted all over the streets of Songjiang. The neighbors were surprised to see that Su Wenqian was a fugitive prisoner. Isn’t he an honest carpenter? Section Chief Cao discovered that the car that had taken the prisoner was immediately surrounded by the abandoned factory in the western suburbs, but Su Wenqian was not there.

When he woke up, he saw Chi Tiecheng standing beside him. Chi Tiecheng also opened the window and asked Su Wenqian to listen to the news that he was wanted on the radio, and then took him to a place.

Xijiao factory. Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue were stopped by the police from coming in. Chi Tiecheng brought Su Wenqian here with wicked fun. Su Wenqian watched so many Communists encircle and suppress factories. Section Chief Cao didn’t know that Su Wenqian was not in the ambulance. He shouted into the ambulance, and in fact there was only Cui Jiu who was dying in the car. Chi Tiecheng said that he had put a bomb in Su Wenqian’s cake, and he couldn’t let go of that.

Section Chief Cao once again called for Su Wenqian in the car to put down his weapon or he would shoot. Qin Zishu desperately shouted into the car for him to surrender. Su Wenqian in the distance watched them shooting into the car. Cui Jiu died in chaos. Under the gun, Chi Tiecheng fanned the flames. Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue were heartbroken, at the same time the explosives under the car were detonated, and the ambulance and Cui Jiu were buried together.

Su Wenqian saw this scene with mixed feelings, but he was no longer willing to believe in Chi Tiecheng. He played the image of a good father yesterday and thought he wanted the prodigal son to turn back, but he did not expect that he was helping the gang to abuse him. Chi Tiecheng felt that he had done his best to them.

Su Wenqian should have seen the mark on the package, otherwise he would not eat the chocolate. Chi Tiecheng asked Su Wenqian to repay him for helping him kill someone. Su Wenqian couldn’t stand still, but he wanted to fight him hard. Li Beifa secretly attacked Su Wenqian, and if he hadn’t untied the infusion tube in time, he would have died, but Li Beifa felt that Su Wenqian was their biggest obstacle.

Chi Tiecheng felt that Ouyang Xiangling was his best card against Su Wenqian. So Chi Tiecheng took Su Wenqian to see the kidnapped Ouyang Xiangling. Su Wenqian was very excited. Chi Tiecheng told Ouyang Xiangling that he had marked Su Wenqian’s chocolate. He knew that he was going to help him escape, and Ouyang Xiangling was surprised. Endless. Chi Tiecheng gave Su Wenqian an hour, and Ouyang Xiangling’s life and death depended on Su Wenqian’s answer one hour later. Chi Tiecheng listened to Su Wenqian and Ouyang Xiangling.

Su Wenqian didn’t want to kill innocent people, but he also wanted to protect those important people. Ouyang Xiangling was also very important to him. Ouyang Xiangling didn’t want to trade someone else’s life for his own life, after all, that envoy was involved in the lives of countless people on the front line.

Chi Tiecheng felt that Su Wenqian liked Ouyang Xiangling. He was a boring gourd and hid everything in his heart. If it weren’t for this, he wouldn’t know when he would hide. Ouyang Xiangling asked Su Wenqian to help him carve a portrait, Su Wenqian asked for his own carving knife and wood, and Chi Tiecheng asked Li Beira to send it there. Li Beifa felt that this was a trap, and Chi Tiecheng was self-defeating. Chi Tiecheng said that he did not believe in Su Wenqian either.

Su Wenqian really carved a portrait of Ouyang Xiangling. After the carving was completed, Su Wenqian said that Ouyang Xiangling was actually too good-looking, because his craftsmanship couldn’t make it out. Ouyang Xiangling said that he would give the portrait to Su Wenqian, hoping that he would always remember himself in the portrait. Ouyang Xiangling suddenly took the Carver Lai, Su Wenqian quickly took it, Ouyang Xiangling was forcibly taken away by the people of Chi Tiecheng, she did not want Su Wenqian to agree to Chi Tiecheng’s request!

Chi Tiecheng determined that Su Wenqian liked Ouyang Xiangling, and grasped this to force Su Wenqian to help him kill. Ouyang Xiangling sat beside the monitor and heard Su Wenqian decide to help tears. Chi Tiecheng asked Li Beifa and Shanleng to prepare information for Su Wenqian. The two were still a little worried. In fact, Chi Tiecheng wanted to take the opportunity to test Su Wenqian.

Li Beicai introduced all the information to Su Wenqian and asked which car the special envoy Su Wenqian would be sitting in. Su Wenqian saw that Chi Tiecheng would test himself again at a glance. The two thoughts about the Communist Party’s plan exactly the same, and also eliminated the jellyfish group. doubt. Su Wenqian found that the Communist Party had laid a lot of hidden piles on the road where the postal van passed. They had no chance at all, and even if they had a chance, they could not leave.

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