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No Worries It’s Youth 没关系是青春啊 Episode 6 Recap

After Ren Keying settled the family affairs, she came to the school alone, ran on the playground and talked with sister Mei on the phone. He said that everything was okay in the school, and he was controlled by the vice-chair and two vice-chairs. There will be nothing wrong with all living in his house. Sister Mei was shocked when he heard that he was living with other men. Only then did people realize that they had said the wrong thing, and the Alliance hung up the phone.

When Ren Keying finished running and was about to go to the lounge to pick up clothes, Feng Sisi suddenly came to him and said that he thought that Ren Keying would just be his vase, and he didn’t need to mix up these things from their school. It was still possible that Feng Sisi couldn’t pick up some words because of the troublesome class. At this time, Feng Si thought about to start, but he was hit by the door of the lounge. People can be very sorry.

When Lin Rijiu was tutoring Feng Ren Keying, he found that Ren Keying was injured. He said that he should cherish himself. How to become the chairman of the student union, the first thing to do is to protect yourself. He started to teach people and popularize science student union. The main composition of the is mainly composed of a chairman, two vice-chairmen and eight departments. The ministers of each department have their own strengths. They may group together or isolate each other. Among them, he mentioned Tang Jiajia of the Foreign Affairs Department and said he is Xinghuo The dream lover of all the boys in the university, one can ask Li Ruijiu if he likes Tang Jiajia too, but Lingri denies it.

This morning, Ren Keying got up late again. He hurried to the school. The people in the elevator car were waiting for someone. They could cheer him up, hoping that he could run over, but Ren Ke was at the last minute. Yingping fell, and the elevator door was finally closed. Ren Keying saw someone running towards him in a trance. In fact, Li Rijiu had already opened the elevator door, but Xiaobai supported Ren Keying from behind. He also thoughtfully put band-aids on him and helped him up the stairs. Lin Rijiu silently followed to the door of the classroom. He saw that people could look at the hem with an idiotic expression, and immediately grabbed him and let him Go to the classroom to read the book quickly, and even tell him not to, always cause trouble for others.

After class, Ren Keying thanked Xiaobai for helping him today. He said that in order to thank himself, he could treat him to a meal and ended up working. He agreed to take Ren Keying to see their dance practice room. Their dance practice room is in a semi-basement. Although the lighting is not good, it will not affect the rest of other heavy classes. Here they can enjoy themselves. At this time, the other members of the max dance troupe also came back. The youngest of them, as soon as he saw Ren Keying, kindly posted up and called his sister to be pulled away from get off work.

In front of Ren Keyi, the Max Boys Group showed that their newly choreographed dancers can have sufficient street dance experience, and helped them give some pointers. After get off work, they took Ren Keying to a barbecue restaurant for dinner. They can only go to a place where there are no people, but the taste is good. In the rotisserie. Can still influence Xia Bai said that he has always been a fan of them and hoped that they can work hard not to give up. Xia Bai was encouraged by him and decided to take the max men’s team forward. He also thanked people for their continued support. .

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