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No Worries It’s Youth 没关系是青春啊 Episode 5 Recap

After the election, Ren Keying said that he was very grateful. Lin Rijiu said that he deserved to live in his own home for his support and received his own favor. However, Xia Bai heard it. After Lin Rijiu became his tutor in his home, he suggested If you need your own help, you can also help with tutoring. So he decided to work with Lin Rijiu to help the tutors to win a job. In order to facilitate their tutoring and learning, he decided to live in you after work and recognize your home.

As a result, when I got home, I found that when my sister came back, he actually abducted the two vice-chairmen of Xinghuo University to live at home. She lamented her sister’s diplomatic ability and social ability is really good sister, Ren Keying took care of herself at home Self said that since men and women live together under the same roof, they must abide by their own rules and their three chapters. As a result, Lin Rijiu and the next began to discuss how to review for Ren Keying, and finally decided 135 and 246. , And then gave Ren Keying a day off on Sunday. Chen Keying asked them if they heard her words. Several people instantly agreed that they heard them. After the day’s work, the problem of allocating rooms started. Who can Ying lived in her own room, and Lin Rijiu lived in the guest room. There was no more room in the house, so Xia Bai and Lin Rijiu had to live together.

As a result, I didn’t even ask about the room, so I charged it directly. That room was actually Ren Keying ’s room. He immediately stopped and said that he couldn’t go in and let the hem see the wall full of posters about him. I imagined that when I saw the poster below, I would understand my mind and be with myself. At this time, Lin Rijiu broke his illusion and said that this was Ren Keying’s room and asked him to walk aside. In the end, he would be with Lin. Jiujiu returned to a room in the room.

After get off work, he discovered that 0 Dayjiu had secretly hidden her nude photos. He joked that there is no need to hide and tuck them like this in the future. If you want to see it, just find a real person. Lin Rijiu disliked him and said that he was allowed to sleep in the bed by himself. After get off work, he said that he would catch cold when sleeping under the ground, which would be bad for his health. So Lin Rijiu divided the bed into two and said that he was half of the person, but he waited until the night to get a shower. He has a bad sleeping posture, and he rests on Xiabai’s body, leaving him to sleep after get off work.

Here, Lin Keying held the poster about the hem that was torn from the wall, fell asleep contentedly and fell into sleep. In fact, Lin Rijiu is the son of FBI President Huangfujing. Huangfujing took a few photos of Lin Rijiu’s birthday present in the office and sent them to his son, hoping that he would come back. As a result, Lin Rijiu quarreled with his mother. Before moving out to live, Huang Fujin begged his son to reply to him. Tomorrow would just say that he would not go back to live in the near future. Wang Fujing was so capable in front of outsiders, but in private he was such a warm and lovely numb.

When Ren Keying woke up on the second day, he found that the three big men were all sitting on the side of the toilet, and none of them were wearing shirts. They asked them what was going on. They said that the toilet was blocked and couldn’t get rid of it. Bai asked if he wanted to call the property over, Ren Keying solved the toilet directly and handed over the follow-up work to Xia Bai.

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