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No Worries It’s Youth 没关系是青春啊 Episode 4 Recap

Today is before the annual general election ceremony of the student union group. Because the two vice-chairmen are exceptionally good, and they don’t want to compete for the chair, the chair of the student union has been vacant here. As a result, this year’s election was no surprise. The two vice-chairmen had no one to play in the water. At this time, they walked from Sisi to the stage. He said that in fact, the Student Union has always had a tradition that student leaders can elect themselves. Feng Sisi has already advanced. Say hello to some cadres of the student union, and hope that they will elect Xia Bai as the chairman of the student union this year.

In fact, Ren Keying had always embarrassed him at home before. She didn’t know if she should participate in this election. A little angel and a little devil appeared in his mind. The little devil said let him give up. Think about how beautiful he was when he was an advertising star. When he was a traffic star, there were endless advertisements and endless brand-name bags. Now he is back in school and his academic performance It’s not good and there’s no way to be the chairman. It’s better to go back and make a vase, and the little angel said that he always wanted to be an actor with virtue, not an uncultured vase that can only be laughed at. So anyway You have to try it. In the end, you can still choose to listen to the little angels. If you don’t give up in a moment, then I am sorry that others can win the reputation.

This was Ren Keying’s final decision to participate in this election. He walked into the venue and said that he had no choice but to be the chairman of the student union. However, Feng Sisi ridiculed him, saying that he was an unlearned vase.

But at this moment, the two Vice-Chairmen of the Student Union and Lin Rijiu both stood up and said that they supported Ren Keying. This made Feng Sisi very difficult to accept. Feng Sisi said that Ren Keying did not understand the composition of the Student Union. , I don’t know what the chairman of the student union should do. Just like what is said on the Internet, he is a vase with no education and no brains. It can only be placed there for people to watch. It has no substantive effect. What he said is rather ugly.

This is Ren Keying said that he hoped that everyone could lend him a piece of paper and a pen. As a result, two people came up with things. Ren Keying waved his hand and wrote the 4 words Qin Neng Cong Chou, but he wrote Clumsy as When the words came out, everyone burst into laughter, and Peng Sisi said it was indeed a vase without a brain.

However, Ren Keying was not discouraged. He said that it was because of his own shortcomings that he hoped to study harder and serve everyone and improve himself through learning. At this time, the vice chairman stood up and said that he supported Ren Keying. The vice chairmen of Xinghuo University are Lin Rijiu and Xia Bai. Xia Bai felt that Ren Keying was a good candidate.

However, Xia Bai was also very reasonable. He felt that it would be substandard to let the population be the chairman of the student union in this way, so he decided to give all candidates a review period. They decided to select candidates at the end of the semester based on their overall performance. However, Feng Sisi disagreed with Tang Jiajia , the Minister of External Relations at this time . He also thought that Xia Bai’s proposal was good, so the teachers Decided to postpone the presidential election.

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