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No Worries It’s Youth 没关系是青春啊 Episode 3 Recap

After your brother’s benevolent explanation and approval, you realize that you have misunderstood Lin Rijiu. He is really the tutor that his brother found for him. At that time, Lin Rijiu didn’t want to be a winable tutor. He felt that men and women lived in the same roof. It is not very convenient to go down, but any one starts to talk about the past. Tomorrow Jiu seems to have been friends with Renyi a long time ago, and the people he has always thought of have always been humans. It can be only humans who can win. It seems that he has forgotten this period of time.

In the end, both sides stepped back and decided to live together peacefully under the same roof. After introducing themselves tomorrow, they began to prepare for systematic counseling of Ren Keying. He asked Ren Keying to make a set of papers before he knew his current situation. What are the results of his shortcomings? Ren Keying’s results were completely beyond his expectations. He never expected that he would be able to get into college with this kind of IQ. Ren Keying said that because he has been accepting commercials all the time. Advertisement, there is no time to learn, and he still has to participate in the election of the student union, there is no time to insult the study, Lin Yijiu said that in this case, let him change his identity first, from an actor to a student, then he received Li Sister’s news, said because FBK gave it to me. Ren Keying left the position of the chairman of the board to Ren Keying, so he turned away a series of unnecessary tasks so that people can concentrate on studying in the school and experience the experience of being a student president.

And after Lin Yujiu heard that, he also started to say, in this case, let him be a good student, don’t think about the things that are there. Lin Rijiu began to systematically arrange learning arrangements for people. When he arrived at Ren Keying ’s room, he found posters on the wall all over the wall. Lin Rijiu was surprised that celebrities would also chase stars. Ren Keying retorted, because Being his idol can also bring him a lot of motivation.

The annual election of the Student Union of Spark University will begin soon. However, the post of Chairman of the Student Union has been vacant for several years, because the vice-chairmen and the two vice-chairmen of the Student Union are exceptionally good, and they are as respectful as guests. , So they all decided to vacate the position of the chairman, and this year Ren Keying joined Xinghuo University, and his student union officer status has been retained by the counselor Gao Ge, and Gao Ge is also a die-hard fan of Ren Keying. But because of the school teacher, he had to be on duty impartially, and there was no way to open the back door for Yuan Keying.

Here, Sister Mei found Ren Keying’s counselor. Brother Gao said that she had nothing else, so she took out a bank card and asked Teacher Gao for help, letting Ren Keying be the president of the student union this year. , Because she must have such experience in order to successfully get the script of the president not falling in love through the FBK audition. However, Brother Gao said that of course the president of the student union is not alone in his decision. It requires a unanimous decision by the school board, and it also requires other cadres of the student union to vote. He said that according to the current population camp, he can only first Starting from the secretary of the student union, there will be an election every year anyway, and he is not as good as this one, but Sister Mei said that he only has one year’s chance, otherwise, his career in acting may be ruined.

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