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No Worries It’s Youth 没关系是青春啊 Episode 2 Recap

As a result, the scene between Ren Keying and Huang Pujing arguing was filmed by Catdog Entertainment and posted on the Internet. For a while, there was hype on the Internet, saying that I did not expect this goddess to be so uncultured. Ren Keying told her agent. Sister Mei said that she decided to return to the company and continue to complete her unfinished studies in school. Sister Mei was shocked when she learned about it because he felt that people could be due to the rising period of political career. , But Ren Keyan felt that he must prove to Huangfujing that he has the ability to accept the identity of the chairman.

Ren Keyi took a taxi to the door of Xinghuo University. As a result, he just entered the school door and stopped at the door. Media friends immediately surrounded the school door and blocked the school door. Ren Keying was squeezed by a group of media and couldn’t move. A boy was pulled out from the side, he could greet him, and he ran away. Friends in the media were chasing after him. The boy was pulling the population and ran to a garbage dump. He put the population circle in his arms. Ying immediately pushed away. He thought he was a crazy fan of his own. He also pointed to the poster next to him and said he was very famous. As a result, the poster was torn off by the staff in an instant.

This is the cat and dog entertainment guy who chased him again. Coming over, the boy had no choice but to hold the person and cover his face, the reporter from Catgou Entertainment said after seeing it. The current college student is really shameless and left after speaking. Ren Keying was very excited when he was let go of the boy. He actually took away the first kiss he had treasured for so long. The boy said that if he let him see again next time, because of his The reason blocked the security order at the school gate, it would never be like this, and he left after speaking, Ren Keying was very angry.

Ren Keying returned home, but found out that he didn’t bring the key. He wanted to pat the door. As a result, Renyi kept it at home, playing loud music on the stereo to chat with different sisters, and finally Ren Keying gave the door handle. After it was demolished, he ran in angrily, scared the doctor’s cell phone to the ground, and Ren Keying said fiercely about herself. When I was at the door today, I didn’t see any tutor at all. Renyi said it shouldn’t be, and then he went to call and molested his sister again.

Sister Mei couldn’t get through here. Ren Keying’s phone call was furious. She sent Alice to find Ren Keying. Alice found Ren Keying. She was very excited when she said that her first kiss had been taken away. She said that this matter let Sister Mei know that she would jump up. People can step out of him. Don’t tell Sister Mei that she just wants to go back to Galaxy University to complete her studies, and then get this role. Alice promised Keep it secret for him. And then Sister Mei had to accept this fact and agreed that the population would welcome back to the school to grow up. As for work, he would help him out as much as possible.

When Ren Keying returned home, he found that someone was taking a bath in the bathroom. He shouted a few benevolent names but no one heard him. So he rushed in and said, “Brother, why are you ignoring me, but in the hazy mist,” he found his brother across the man was not kind, but that day kissing her boys, this guy is the brother had found him tutor named Lin course of time , it is said good grades, recently ran away from home, had sought sanctuary In their home, it is also convenient for Ren Keying to counsel and learn.

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