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No Worries It’s Youth 没关系是青春啊 Episode 1 Recap

FBK president is angry at Ren Keying for his lack of education, and Ren Keying returns to Xinghuo University and is besieged.

The wall full of posters, the alarm clock rang, Ren Keying got up from the bed full of A4 papers, the old brother came in and told her to get up soon and had an audition. The girl heard the audition and sat up for 15 minutes and panicked. On the day of the FBK audition, I quickly pulled my old man out of the toilet, dressed up, went out and picked up breakfast.

My old man said that the school had issued a notice. The first is to drop out and the second is to go to school. Ren Keying called Don’t forget his Xia Bai’s signed poster. , Ren Keying, a young and beautiful girl, the president of FBK company cannot fall in love Ren Keying got into the car and asked Ms. Mei’s arrangements for today.

The two men were powerful and got off the train. Fans swarmed in. Ren Keying first took a picture of the trolley box advertisement, and then went on to take another advertisement. There was another advertisement shot at 1 PM. From the backstage, walked onto the stage and danced a youthful and invincible dance.

The underground audience cheered and saw her Weibo comment on the train. Sister Mei said she should talk less. Today is the last and most important stop. The chairman can’t fall in love. The newcomer information has been entered into the computer.

The chairman turned on the phone and saw Ren Keying, whose name seemed to have been heard there. Opening her Weibo was slightly shocked. Cat and dog entertainment news is being interviewed. The chairman can’t talk. At the love audition site, the newcomer team has arrived. The MAX team members got off the car one after another. The reporters ran to interview.

Ren Keying came, and the reporters turned around and ran to her, looking like a big star. Ren Keying saw the captain of the MAX team. Xia Bai hurried over, but his high heels stomped and fell directly into Xia Bai’s arms. The reporters ran over to shoot. Sister Mei pulls away Ren Keying and hides in the elevator.

Sister Mei said you didn’t make enough noise? Entertaining star, you just want to entertain the public with a vase. Ren Keying said that I don’t want to make a vase. I want to be a force. MAXThe men’s group performed on stage. The male judges felt that only the captain Xia Bai could perform. The chairman asked the captain to stay and the others to leave. The paparazzi disguised and pretended to secretly film Ren Keying’s rehearsal.

The chairman said that the performance traces were too heavy. Xia Bai remembered what the chairman said just now. If you sign our company, I will use the best resources to train you. If you insist on taking your teammates, you are likely to be eliminated. The chairman asked Ren Keying to replay the performance just now, and the paparazzi secretly filmed below and felt that there was a hot news. Xia Bai finally decided to sign with his teammates.

The chairman said that he would not give this important role to Ren Keying. Xia Bai rushed down angrily because I hadn’t experienced it before. Would you OUT me? The two stood facing each other. The chairman asked you why you are qualified for the role of the chairman. Ren Keying ran over and said firmly that I would like you to prove that I was suitable for this role.

Ren Keying would use everything I did to prove what I did. Sister Mei hurried over to drag her out. The chairman first suspended the audition and thought that this little girl really did not admit defeat in my old manner. Sister Mei kept talking about who you know who offended her? The Xia Bai team got the contract, and everyone decided to eat pizza to celebrate. Ren Keying said that I am going to study. An idol with no connotation is not a good idol.

He returned to Xinghuo University to study again. The female president of FBK was angrily and popular fried chicken bluntly said that the vitality fairies were uneducated, and they made hot search headlines. Sister Mei was so angry that she immediately contacted the media to block the news and various rumors on the Internet. Xinghuo University arrived.

As soon as Ren Keying got off the car and was about to go to school, she was surrounded by a bunch of memories. A boy hurried over and took her to run. He couldn’t run and hugged him. Ren Keying asked who you are? I am a star, and the man didn’t say a word, remembering that he was still looking for it. The man kissed directly. Ren Keying was angry.

The reporter thought it was a college student who was in love and walked away. The man stood up and said something because of you. The trip seriously blocked the traffic, and there will be no next time in the future, so I left in a cool manner.

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