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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 33 Recap

Above the court, the emperor asked all the Aiqings to report something and leave the court without any problems. Just when Li Qingliu was about to tell the secret of rice paper, Li Zhao rushed in front of him and sued Defei for treason. , And claimed that the concubine De Concubine had been killed several times since she entered the palace. Among them were the mother and daughter of the Queen Dugu, and the biological mother of Li Qingliu, the Cui family and the prince.

Li Zhao presented the paper that the Concubine De concubine poisoned the prince, and the mention of the tomb was also done by Concubine De. When the emperor was asking the Concubine De to bring the concubine into the palace, the concubine De concubine suddenly met and confessed the crime, which made it difficult for the emperor to accept. Ministers of Civil and Military Affairs asked to execute the concubine De, demoted King Zhao to a commoner and expelled from the royal family. Dao Ren should also be dismissed and exiled, but Yuan Zai objected.

Yuan Zai believes that Li Zhao’s confession to Concubine De concubine’s crimes is a remedy, and Concubine De concubine’s crimes still need to be carefully examined and cannot be judged wrong, so he believes that Concubine De concubine should be sent to Zongzheng Temple. The emperor agreed with Yuan Zai’s proposal and immediately investigated the concubine De and the remaining forces in Ye Ting. Li Zhao was temporarily deposed as a bastard, and the huge man imprisoned Dali Temple. Pang Mansion was sealed by the prince.

Li Qingliu followed Long Aoyi to the dungeon to see Concubine De, Long Aoyi took out the white koi and asked about the cause of Sister Feng’s death. Unexpectedly, Concubine Defei admitted that she sent someone to kill. Li Qingliu took Long Aoyi to pay homage to the Cui family and swears in front of the Cui family’s tomb that he will not marry Long Aoyi in this life. Li Qingliu intends to go back to Yincheng with Long Ao to pay homage to Sister Feng, but Long Aoyi thinks that things are not as simple as imagined. Just now I saw De Fei’s strange eyes on the white koi, especially when she said Feng’s name, De Fei did not respond. .

It turned out that De Fei and Yuan Zai had a good discussion, he helped Yuan Zai do things, and Yuan Zai assisted Li Zhao in the upper position. Yuan Zai treats Concubine De as a substitute for the dead, and is afraid that Concubine De Concubine will reveal the news, so he gives Concubine De Fei a bottle of poison. Wu Lin gave Li Zhao food, but Li Zhao had no appetite. Wulin told Li Zhao about his encounter with Zhai Gonggong of Yuanxiang’s Mansion. Li Zhao was afraid that Concubine De was involved, so he hurried over to take a look. When Li Zhao came to De Fei, De Fei had already drunk the poison.

Before Concubine De was dying, asked Li Zhao not to be kind to Li Qingliu and Long Ao, united with Yuan Zai to overthrow Li Qingliu, and asked Li Zhao to swear to avenge her. Li Zhao swore to the dying Concubine that Li Qingliu must die, and he would not let Long Aoyi go. After the death of Concubine De, the emperor did not go to court, and Yuan Zai was very happy.

The emperor found Li Qingliu and sighed that his woman was unhappy. Li Qingliu advised the emperor to mourn. The emperor said that Cui was now innocent, and he would definitely not blame him if he saw Cui in the future. Long Aoyi came to Zhaowang’s Mansion to comfort Li Zhao, and Li Zhao refused to accept Long Aoyi’s hypocrisy and drove him away.

Before leaving, Long Aoyi asked about the white jade koi. Li Zhao was furious when he heard the words and accused him of helping Li Qingliu kill his mother and concubine, and now he came to ask for the relic. Long Aoyi didn’t know why, and Li Zhao rushed forward and kissed strongly, but was finally slapped by Long Aoyi breaking free from restraint.

When Long Ao tore and dropped the pillow disguised as a pregnant belly, Li Zhao instantly understood the reason. He anxiously begged Long Ao to leave Li Zhao, as long as he returned to his side, whether it was an enemy or an old friend, would help her find it out. Long Ao was disappointed and planned to turn around and leave. He didn’t expect Li Zhao to suddenly threaten to tell the emperor about her fake pregnancy. Long Ao didn’t fear at all, and he cut off grace from him.

Now that Concubine De is dead, Li Qingliu and Long Aoyi suspect that Yuan Zai regards Concubine De as a surrogate. Once Long Ao’s false pregnancy was known to the emperor, he ordered his subordinates to take Long Ao to Dali Temple. Li Zhao got drunk with Ning Tincture and killed Zhao Jin on the street. Du Changfeng took the opportunity to avenge Long Aoyi and tortured him by torturing him.

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