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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 32 Recap

The imperial concubine knew that Long Ao missed her old friend, so she let someone bring her precious treasures and cut her love for her to choose. Long Aoyi discovered the hairpin with the imperial cherry koi, and learned from Shanggongkou that it was a special design at the beginning of the Tang Dynasty. This is the only one and nothing else.

Then Long Aoyi took Xiaoqin into the Chongwen Hall in disguise as a eunuch, and flipped through the historical records and found that the mother and daughter of the Dugu family had died one after another. Before they died, there were red patches on the skin all over the body. The symptoms were very similar to those of the dumb monk Wuwen. . Even though Xiaoqin found pictures of Gotenzakura koi in other books, the content of the accompanying description has been torn off in advance, and there is nowhere to check.

Li Qingliusi and the nanny once mentioned that the mother concubine was depressed and unhappy during her lifetime, with red patches on the corners of her eyes, suspected of blood and tears, so they guessed that it was related to the Dugu family. Moreover, Princess Huayang, the daughter of the Dugu family, was loved by the emperor because of her natural beauty and intelligence. Therefore, it is not impossible for De Fei to regard her as a thorn in her eyes.

In order to find out the truth, Li Qingliu took Yan Bin to Qinglong Temple to see Wujiang host. Originally, the host of Wujiang didn’t want to come out to meet him, but because of the danger of Datang, he simply told the truth. It turned out that Wuwen was once a servant next to Queen Dugu Queen. In the year of Queen Xie’s death, Wujiang’s host found that Wujiang was extremely poisonous after the Buddha in the temple. Even if he sealed the acupoints with gold needles to remove the poisonous blood, he still could not be cured. Dumb disease, even the erythema on the body is caused by toxins.

After leaving the Qinglong Temple, Li Qingliu decided to enter the Nanshan Mausoleum to investigate the clues, but found the ropes left in the mausoleum. When he was in doubt, he suddenly found someone running by his side, so he hurried after him. He didn’t expect that the person who ran away in a hurry was Wuwen.

As the portrait of the queen unfolded, Wuwen looked excited and revealed to Li Qingliu that someone had tied him here. Unexpectedly, the tunnel collapsed suddenly, and Li Qingliu escaped, but died here without question. When Long Ao heard the sad news about Li Qingliu by mistake, he knelt at the mouth of the mausoleum and cried, until Li Qingliu stood beside him wounded, Li Zhao and Du Xiaoxian were shocked.

Du Xiaoxian knew that the matter must have something to do with Concubine De, and immediately ran to question Du Changfeng. Concubine De was worried that Du Xiaoxian would be emotionally involved and rebellious, so she came to Du Mansion and warned Du Xiaoxian to put the overall situation first, and instructed Du Changfeng to attribute the collapse to an accident. The emperor was annoyed by Du Changfeng to evade his prevarication, and hadtily, he ordered Yuan Zai to go and beat Du Changfeng on his behalf.

The imperial concubine was worried about the safety of her grandson, so she specially recruited Li Qing to flow into the palace. He did not expect Li Qingliu to pretend to lose his memory and forget what happened in the mausoleum. He decided to take the initiative to attack and find evidence before the concubine Defei could attack. Everyone found that Concubine De Concubine often gave the Four Treasures of the Study to Queen Dugu, which happened to be placed in the Palace of the Prince.

Li Qingliu discovered that the rice paper was not made by the Tang Dynasty, but was specially provided by Misri Lai, and the main raw material was named “Sedge”. For plants, the leaves are dried first, and then placed neatly according to the warp and weft patterns. After being dried at high temperature, they can be formed. Not only are they tough and easy to write, but the civilians also use it to make clothing.

After diluting with warm water, everyone discovered that this kind of rice paper had been soaked repeatedly with venom by De Fei first, and as long as it was heated, it could emit poisonous gas, causing poison to enter the heart and lack of recovery. It was precisely because the prince did not like that the paper was heavy, so she left it aside to avoid a catastrophe, which led to years of physical ill health.

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